Nvidia Announces RTX 3090 Ti Graphics Card At CES, Says Barely Anything About It

Nvidia Announces RTX 3090 Ti Graphics Card At CES, Says Barely Anything About It

Among everything it had to talk about during its CES 2022 presentation, Nvidia didn’t have much time for graphics cards. Indeed, despite Nvidia’s repeated assertions that gamers are core to its business, the only card to make an appearance was the new RTX 3090 Ti, for exactly 27 seconds.

Nvidia’s GeForce Senior VP Jeff Fisher introduced the sizeable new card, holding it in his hand. He referred to the RTX 3090 Ti as a “monster GPU” and rattled off a few specifications. They are:

  • 40 Shader Teraflops
  • 78 RT Teraflops
  • 320 Tensor Teraflops
  • 24GB of 21Gb/s G6X memory

Fisher also unveiled a new entry-level RTX 3050. Driven by the popular and efficient Ampere architecture, Nvidia’s boast is that it can easy run current AAA ganes at 60fps. The 3050 comes with 2nd gen RT cores for ray tracing, and 3rd gen Tensor cores to support DLSS and other AI systems. It is the first of Nvidia’s 50-class GPUs to support ray tracing. The card will retail for $US249, and will launch on January 27. Here’s the spec:

  • 9 Shader Teraflops
  • 18 RT Teraflops
  • 73 Tensor Teraflops
  • 8GB G6 memory

“Tune in later this month for more details,” concluded Fisher, indicating a more in-depth look at the 2022 range is imminent.

Then it was straight back into AI and self-driving cars.

During the show, Nvidia happily talked about how many cards they’ve sold (1.5B) and updates to its software stack. Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 5 are coming to GeForce Now. Further, GeForce Now is being integrated into Samsung Smart TV’s. There are major updates to its Omniverse software, which is finally out of betaEscape from Tarkov and Rainbow Six Extraction are getting DLSS support. There’s a new range of 1440p, 360Hz esports monitors for lower latency and built-in Reflex support.

At no point did the subject of cryptocurrency mining, nor the stock shortages and inflated pricing plaguing the graphics card market, come up. “With 75% of gamers still on GTX GPU’s, this is the perfect time to step up to RTX,” urged Fisher, knowing full well such an upgrade is currently much easier said than done.

If it plans to hold a graphics card centric event later this month, one wonders how it can possibly avoid the subject? The issues facing the card market are bigger than just Nvidia, it’s true, but its cards are particularly coveted. We watch its next moves with interest.

Also, stop trying to make “Tie” happen, Nvidia. Enthusiasts have pronounced the “Ti” appellation as Tee Eye since the early 2000’s and it’s too late to change it now. Sorry.


  • They barely need to say anything about it, because regular people will barely be able to find one, let alone at MSRP.

  • Wrong. ‘Tie’ is the correct pronunciation, ‘tee eye’ is both cumbersome to say and sounds silly. Nobody called the Xbox One the Xbox One, they called it the xbone ‘ex bone’, nobody called VTEC ‘vee tee ee cee’, they called it V-TEC ‘vee tech’, it’s just how language works and there are thousands of examples. Also it pretty much doesn’t even matter that the 3090Ti is announced, nobody will be able to get one and the prices will be stupid, the same reason I’m still using my 1080Ti and I assume will have to continue doing so for a long while.

    • *Golf GTI has entered the chat*

      For real though, does anyone even care about a new flag ship video card at this point? I think people will give a shit when the prices return to a sensible figure. $3k for a video card that probably gives 25% increase on performance over it’s predecessor is straight up robbery.

      • Isn’t the 25% increase generally thermals and power draw? Whenever I hear about these top end cards, the performance increase tends to be closer to 10% depending on what sort of render jobs we’re talking about anyway.

        That 3050 sounds like it could be something really good though!

        • Not sure about the temp and power, but the fps difference in benchmarks between the RTX 2080 ti to the 3080 ti is just over 30%. This is going off Guru3d’s tests in a variety of games.
          I bought my Galax RTX 2080 Ti for around $1600 a few years ago, and I really can’t justify paying double that for the 3080 Ti when you’re only getting another 30% more fps. If it was $2k, sure I probably would… but $3k+ is insane.

          • Oh right I keep thinking in terms of the constant incremental leapfrogging of 30X0 cards and forgot about the whole other preceding generation of GPUs which were actually available! XD

    • Language adapts to usage (the changing definitions of figuratively and literally being good examples). Both your examples are ones where the intended pronunciation was altered en mass by whomever was using it to the point that the new version became the accepted norm….as is the case with ‘tee eye’. Like, basically no-one says ‘tie’ except Nvidia themselves, and if we follow the logic from the examples you’ve provided, then ‘tee eye’ is correct.

      On the other hand, wgaf lol, call it whatever you like.

    • Their CEO Jen-Hsun Huang always calls it the “Tee Eye”, every time he has been on stage to announce them… including the day 5 years ago when he announced your beloved 1080Ti.

  • 99% of people either:

    Cant afford it
    Don’t want to buy it

    These cards are mainly a marketing gimmick. That’s all.

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