People Are Already Streaming Pokémon Legends Arceus Gameplay On Twitch

People Are Already Streaming Pokémon Legends Arceus Gameplay On Twitch
Screenshot: Twitch

The upcoming Pokémon Legends Arceus is a game that fans have been absolutely frothing for. The first open-world, real-time game in the series officially releases on Friday, however, some have already managed to get their hands on it. Not just that, but they’re streaming it too.

While I don’t condone illegal activity, I’m personally quite enjoying being able to see gameplay of the game early. If you’d like to see it for yourself, they’re very easy to find on Twitch on the Pokémon Legends Arceus section of the streaming website. On the other hand, how on earth are people already playing and streaming the game?

Considering The Pokemon Company’s general secrecy when it comes to releases, with most publications only getting copies of the game on the day of launch, this comes as a surprise to many. VGC spotted on social media that players have somehow gotten their hands on the game files and have been sharing them online, allowing others to emulate the game on their computers.

Screenshot: Twitch

According to one streamer who won’t be named, he’s playing the game on a Ryujinx emulator with the .xci file type. The streamer says that he is currently halfway through the game, and has been streaming his gameplay for over an hour. So far, the game is looking great with no sense of emptiness in the open world. The UI is clean and looks really similar to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in terms of the menu screen and inventory setup. The game itself also seems to run quite smoothly through emulation.

This is not the first time that a Pokémon game has leaked online either, with the previous addition Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl being leaked and streamed online ten days before its release in November. The Pokémon Company has also been subject to leaks of games and game information in recent years.

For those wanting to get on the game early, it’s a Google search away. If you’re happy to wait for the official launch, Pokémon Legends Arceus will be releasing on January 28th on the Nintendo Switch.


  • Marketing did PLA a dirty in just how little it showed of the gameplay and graphics in action. Normally I’m against this sort of thing, but these streamers are doing Nintendo a favour. This is one of those games that’s far better than their crappy marketingwould have appear, because they’ve been refusing to show slightly longer game loop segments which is a detriment to the game itself.

    The game isn’t even out yet, but I hope they’ve set some people aside for DLC, because they’ve got a winning formula here.

    • Honestly, the gameplay that’s being streamed on Twitch is probably the best marketing for the game that I’ve seen, and all the streamers seem to be having a great time with it and are hyping people up to get it when it comes out. If anything, I feel like this is going to benefit PLA more than they think.

      • Twitch is giving PLA the marketing it should’ve had through a Pokemon Presents or an outright Treehouse event. I think it would have been safe for them to officially show the first area without too many spoilers and have people still enjoy the game. Why they didn’t is a mystery for the ages.

        I hope that this game crushes it in the sales, because they made something special and it’s a shame that they’ve been so lax with advertising the features. For a game without its day one patch, it runs remarkably well and the developers should get some props for that effort as well.

  • Really? Not that hard to understand, some retailer somewhere broke street date probably and copies got out.

    That is hardly “illegal” activity. Unsure why you insinuate that people streaming already have done something illegal.

    • Apart from, you know, this bit:

      “players have somehow gotten their hands on the game files and have been sharing them online, allowing others to emulate the game on their computers.”

      and this:

      “he’s playing the game on a Ryujinx emulator with the .xci file type. ”

      So yeah, what they are doing is illegal. Someone, somewhere obtained a legit copy of the game probably from a retailer that broke street date, but they they copied the files and put them online, and most of these streamers are streaming an illegal copy they downloaded.

    • Also breaching street date is a break of a contracted sales agreement, and is liable for civil prosecution especially since it resulted in game piracy (which can be argued as accessory to theft)

    • Well putting it simply… you cannot legally play a version of a game that isn’t yet released on an emulator unless you’ve pirated the game. Regardless as to if you have purchased it and are waiting for it…

      Let’s say the person responsible ok got access to either an early copy or a retail cart prior to release… in most cases that’s either internal or for press, so most of them would have to declare that prior to playing and get permission to play it on stream… there would be some contract there…

      However, if it’s someone that obtained a cart, there is no way to play the game via an emulator using the cart itself so they’d have to dump the game using a “modded Switch” with homebew enabled… which isn’t actually legal either, to then convert it using a re-engineered software conversion tool to convert the NSP/loose files to an XCI format… so yess, not legal especially if the game is unreleased.

  • It’s doing the opposite for me, after viewing some gameplay I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s definitely not for me. It looks bad, runs poorly and I don’t think the gameplay loop looks like my cup of tea.

    • The FPS is a solid 30 outside of the town without the day one patch. So I’m not sure what you mean by “runs poorly”, when it’s doing that well without any of its optimisation patches.

      • Solid 30? Not from what I’ve seen, every video and bit of gameplay I’ve watched has frame drops all over the place. Given that it looks like hot garbage I don’t see why it shouldn’t be able to hit a 30fps target.

        • You’re watching it run on emulators, not console footage. Try watching a legitimate version instead of something running on a shitty incompatible emulator. Even the article points out that it’s running on Ryujinx, not hardware.

          • Press x to doubt. The console leaks are a lot harder to find for the obvious reasons than the shitty Ryujinx emulator videos and most of them don’t show longer segments of the gameplay footage. With the crap you’re talking now I doubt you saw any of them. When you actually know what you’re talking about, feel free to complain about the FPS.

          • *shrug* Believe what you want man, I’m calling it as I see it, if you want to stick your fingers in your ears and screw your eyes up tight when there’s critique around then be my guest, doesn’t affect me any, nor should it affect you that much.

          • I don’t need to “believe what I want” when I already know you’re talking shit as a matter of objective reality. If you want to have a cry and not buy the game for subjective reasons, that’s perfectly fine because it’s your money, but there’s no need to lie about what’s actually in the game. You’re not a three year old, you don’t need to behave like one in inventing reasons to not like something. If you had’ve stuck to a pure “it’s not for me” I wouldn’t be calling you out for BS.

          • Nah it’s because it runs badly, graphics are terrible and doesn’t have a fun gameplay loop from what I’ve seen. You realise you’re defending a game that you also don’t have access to, and are instead relying on the same videos and opinions that I also have access to. Come back to me when you’ve actually played it and when the reviews are out because at the moment your personal opinion is worth as much as mine it seems.

        • You can keep talking shit as much as you like about the FPS, it doesn’t change how pathetic this makes you look. The art and your gameplay looop preferences are entirely subjective, but the FPS comment immediately gave you away. You could have simply said “I didn’t realise it was an emulator”, but the rabid doubling down makes it pretty clear you don’t have that level of emotional maturity when you feel the need to lie about a children’s game to justify a dislike instead of expressing the dislike and moving on like a normal person. Then again, if you can’t tell the difference between hardware and an emulator after the article you read specifically pointed it out, it’s not your like opinion matters much in the first place.

    • I agree, despite what the fanboys are saying here… no Nintendo Switch game runs at a locked 30fps even pokemon diamond at times feels sluggish. The fact they use emulation as a means to hide behind… in most cases the emulators run at native 1080p locked 30fps and can be unlocked to 60fps. So that argument is a bit tasteless.

      I’d argue something like Resistence Fall of Man running on the PS3 emulator at 60fps locked is much better than the native 1080p @ 30fps on an actual PS3. But hey each to their own hey.

      • “no Nintendo Switch game runs at a locked 30fps even pokemon diamond at times feels sluggish.” You’ve never played Fire Emblem Warriors have you? Or Hyrule Warriors Definitive edition which largely sits at 60FPS (sans drops from specials), etc? Even Monster Hunter Rise runs at a fairly solid 30FPS, but seems to have godawful frame pacing, which might be the real issue you’re complaining about rather than the framerate stability itself.

        There’s action games on Switch of reasonable graphical quality that run at nearly a locked 60FPS depending on the developer. Claiming that nothing on Switch can hit 30FPS and stay at it is laughable when you already have games running at 60FPS that could be capped to 30FPS if the devs felt like it.

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