Report: Bobby Kotick Is Still Trying To Hide The Scale Of Activision’s Problems

Report: Bobby Kotick Is Still Trying To Hide The Scale Of Activision’s Problems
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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that not only has Activision Blizzard fired dozens of staff in the last few months, but that CEO Bobby Kotick has been hiding that information from the public. Because it might look bad…

Bobby Kotick, who if he had even the last vestiges of decency or humanity would have resigned months ago, has instead apparently been working to hide the scale of the poison in his company. The WSJ says that “more than three dozen” employees have been let go, while around another 40 have been disciplined. Figures that Kotick is alleged to have suggested “could make the company’s workplace problems seem bigger than is already known,” according to those who spoke to the paper.

The WSJ confirmed with an Activision spokesperson that 37 people have left the company (whether jumping or pushed), and 44 disciplined. However, she denied a claim made by the newspaper’s sources that 700 reports of misconduct and other issues were filed by staff as part of the company’s current internal investigations.

Activision Blizzard has been revealed to have been a barely-controlled hellhole for a very long time, with a CEO who, as the Wall Street Journal puts it, “didn’t inform the board of sexual misconduct allegations that he was aware of, including rape, against managers across the company.” And yet he remains in his position, without a scrap of dignity. A position from which, it appears, he is still working to hide the scale of the problems at his company, despite the growing pressure from shareholders and staff to achieve some degree of transparency.

It’d be a really good idea if Robert Kotick were to resign immediately, in disgrace, to give Activision Blizzard the fleeting chance to redeem its reputation in the coming years. Because right now, it’s a place so wretched that even Lego doesn’t want to be tangentially associated with it.


  • The board must be just as vile and lacking in self respect and dignity if they have not called a vote to fire walking shit pile Kotick. At this point, I doubt anything can save the company except a company wide purge of everyone in a Executive position and bring in professionals to deal with the rest and even then…………..

    • Reportedly the board is stacked with Kotick’s friends and fellow travelers so that’s a pretty safe bet. They’re can’t even use the corporate Nuremberg defense of “shareholder value” – right now they’re just clinging to their cushy positions for grim death and hoping it all blows over.

    • At a board level he did exactly what he told them he would do, he completely destroyed the State and Federal cases against the company and it cost him only a couple of million… as CEO that’s an insane win, that got the board to vote him to stay… but it is a house of cards if he can’t return employee, consumer and shareholder confidence in the next few reporting quarters.

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