Report: Live-Action Lost Judgment TV Series In The Works

Report: Live-Action Lost Judgment TV Series In The Works

Japanese actor and pop star Takuya Kimura made his video game debut with Judgment and its sequel Lost Judgment. Apparently, there are unconfirmed plans to adapt the budding franchise into a live-action TV series.

Kimura was previously in a boy band called Smap, but has also been one of Japan’s biggest TV celebs, appearing in variety shows and popular dramas. He also has starred in Wong Kar Wai’s 2046 and voiced Howl in the 2004 Studio Ghibli film Howl’s Moving Castle.

According to Japanese publication Nikkan Gendai, the Sega detective lawyer game is said to be the basis of a TV adaptation for Asahi Television. This has yet to be officially announced, but the show’s temporary title is said to be Sabakarezaru, meaning “The Unjudged.” (Lost Judgment’s full Japanese title is Lost Judgment: Sabakarezaru Kioku or “Unjudged Memory.”) Another source tells the publication that it appears there are also plans in tandem for a movie adaptation.

Kotaku reached out to Sega for comment but did not hear back prior to publication.

The Nikkan Gendai article also mentions that while Kimura is apparently moving forward with live-action Lost Judgment, he’s reportedly not interested in doing a third season of the popular crime drama BG Personal Bodyguard. The show debuted in Japan in 2018 and got a second season in 2020. (The publication also mentions that Kimura wasn’t keen on doing a third season of the massively popular legal drama Hero.) It seems Kimura is not a fan of doing third seasons of shows, because they end up being compared to the previous ones. I guess he likes to quit while he’s ahead, which is something more shows should try doing!

This is the first I’ve heard of Kimura’s continued involvement with the Judgment series — albeit in live-action form. Previously, in July 2021, there was a report that the star would not be returning to sleuth in his jeans and leather jacket. “Because,” the insider explained at the time, “those on the side of the game developer and those on the side of [Kimura’s talent agency] Johnny’s are said to have been unable to reach an agreement regarding the platforms to sell the game.”

If Kimura is reluctant to do a third season of his popular TV shows, will he return for a third Judgment game?

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