Star Wars Battlefront II Bug Is Making Players Unkillable

Star Wars Battlefront II Bug Is Making Players Unkillable

Maybe you haven’t been playing (or even thinking about) DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront II, what with the developer’s Battlefield 2042 just having come out on consoles and PC. But as rocky as BF2042’s launch has been, it turns out that DICE’s 2017 Star Wars FPS is now largely unplayable on account of a game-breaking issue that’s making everyone totally unkillable.

All over the EA forums are posts from users complaining about the issue, an apparent bug that makes it so both NPCs and players can’t die, even if they hit one health point and take damage right after. While the most recent complaints popped up in October, it seems the bug’s been screwing up the game for years. There are even videos all across YouTube highlighting the problem.

The issue, colloquially called the “1HP glitch,” is only affecting PC servers at the moment. It’s unclear if the issue is a bug or a hack, though, as folks on Reddit can’t decide one way or the other. In either case, everyone agrees the issue is making Star Wars Battlefront II an unplayable mess. And exacerbating matters more, the bug looks like it occurs just about everywhere, from online PvP multiplayer to cooperative play and beyond.

As you can imagine, folks are quite upset. Some are asking EA what the actual heck is happening to the game, while others are chastising the publisher for supposedly “abandoning the playerbase.”

On Reddit, an EA community manager and a producer said the issue has been “passed on” to DICE’s development team, but they have no “further updates” on what will be done to fix it.

We’ve reached out to EA for comment and will update if we hear back.

DICE and EA have really been going through it lately, especially with regards to how broken Battlefield 2042 remains. The discourse around that game has become so fraught with toxicity that the subreddit is at risk of shuttering due to angry gamers who can’t separate criticism from insults. At least the military FPS is set to receive patches that should start to fix its myriad issues. But it’s unclear if DICE and EA plan to do anything about their currently broken 2017 Star Wars shooter.


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