Talk Amongst Yourselves

Talk Amongst Yourselves

Welcome to another Talk Amongst Yourselves, a home for Kotaku Aussie readers to chat about anything and everything. Ask us questions in the comments. Get recommendations on new indie or AAA games! Rant about something at work, or have a whine about Windows updates. Whatever you prefer, drop a comment in here and you’ll find a friend.


  • Managed to get all my Christmas shopping done. Having to experience a shopping centre again has made me remember why i dont miss them at all.

    • Nice, I only got a few more things to get and wrapping to do.
      Knocked out almost all of the kids shopping back in October just in case the supply chain shit itself.
      (It was close, stuff started selling out across the board but there was a huge influx of freight in November for a lot of Christmas stock thank goodness)

    • I know the Covid situation’s growing steadily more hairy but depending on the situation in your neck of the woods, here’s what I’ll say about Spidey: See it on the biggest screen you can find, at a session most likely to have a huge crowd for best results. Our theatre for the press screening was packed and we had a BLAST.

    • Usually, if they are from Gizmodo they will have no comments due to Gizmodo disabling comments a couple years ago.

    • Alex used to enable comments on them when he reposted them (when he remembered). It’s apparently a check box in the settings somewhere.

      David is New Guy, so possibly doesn’t realise he can/needs to :p

  • Gaming fatigue – it’s more likely than you think. I’ve found more entertainment from doing things other than gaming, than I have from playing videogames as of late. Maybe it’s a symptom of being indoors too much during the pandemic, but videogames just aren’t as fun as they used to feel anymore.

  • I’m all about solo wild camping now. Pretty awesome way to disconnect from the shitstorm that is the world.

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