TCL Really Wants Gamers To Buy Its TVs

TCL Really Wants Gamers To Buy Its TVs
Contributor: Brianna Provenzano

There’s just something in the air that’s putting TCL in the mood to beef up their home theatre offerings this year, although we can’t quite put our finger on what that might be. Regardless, the renewed emphasis on home theatre expansion is great news for gamers, who will benefit from the brand’s TrueCut Motion and upgraded 144Hz refresh rates for TVs coming…sometime soon.

Just as TCL’s ever-improving Quantum Dot technology is designed to improve crisp picture performance, the TrueCut Motion feature promises to change the way motion is rendered on your screen, consistently depicting it the way the filmmaker had intended. From tracking shots to pan-overs to chase scenes, TrueCut Motion is designed to make anything that moves look amazing. In designing the feature, TCL teamed up Pixelworks and other entertainment leaders, producing a final result that functions as an “end-to-end solution that includes a new content delivery format and device certification program to guarantee a consistent filmmaker-approved output,” TCL wrote in a press release.

While improved picture performance is exciting enough on its own, TCL also has a few other tricks up its sleeve, including substantial improvements to the video game experience in 2022. While TCL’s premium TVs currently support gaming at 4K HDR in 120Hz, its forthcoming TV panels will get a bump up to 144Hz this year for even smoother action and even quicker gameplay.

The upgraded panel refresh speeds should be enough to give gamers pause, especially when considering that the 144Hz rate has in the past only been seen on high-end gaming monitors that usually don’t exceed 32 inches in screen size. For the discerning gamer who wants support for 4K at 144Hz, coupled with incredible motion and picture performance, it might be worth it to start looking into a larger, upgraded monitor. After all, we might have be inside for a while longer, at the rate we’re going.

The only bummer is TCL hasn’t said which TVs are gaining these new features, so stay tuned.