Tell Us Dammit: Give Us Your Feedback And You Could Win A $500 JB Hi-Fi Voucher

Tell Us Dammit: Give Us Your Feedback And You Could Win A $500 JB Hi-Fi Voucher

Could I possibly trouble you for a cup of reader data?

Here at Kotaku Australia, we’re always looking for ways we can improve and better serve you, our readers. To do this, every so often we like to throw out a reader survey. This helps us get a broad picture of who you are and the kind of content you look for on the site. Want to see more stories on Australian games? Fewer stories on NFTs? Where are we strongest? Where are we weakest? Do you want us to bring back Tell Us Dammit? Tell us, dammit.

Seriously, though, the goal here is the make Kotaku Australia even better in 2022. We want to make sure we’re bringing you the content that matters to you, responsibly, and in the way you want it. Understanding the issues in the games industry that affect you only helps us do our jobs better. Ruby and I would be grateful if you’d pop a few details in.

Keen? Our reader survey awaits!

But we don’t ask you to fill in this survey out of the goodness of your heart! We want to offer you something in return. So, we’re running a competition. In exchange for the five minutes it’ll take you to fill out the survey, you’ll go into the draw to win a $500 JB Hi-Fi voucher. We’re all gamers here. We know exactly how expensive this pastime is. $500 could buy you a lot of games. It could get you that mechanical keyboard you’ve had your eye on. It could also get you three-quarters of a PS5, stock permitting!

The competition closes on 28/2/22 at 11:59 pm AEDT, and the winner will be notified by email. You can check out the full terms and conditions right here, and we appreciate your assistance.


  • Damn, that’s some seriously personal demographic information you’re asking for at the start. Also yeah…

    Ts & Cs: “Game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the Winner.”
    Q23. “In 25 words or less, describe what we could do in 2022 to make our content even better”

    Yeah no thanks, would maybe do it for a random draw but not this. Good luck to anyone who enters tho, and hope you guys get some useful info out of it too.

    • Indeed. Write me out as well.

      It is indeed quite extraordinary how willing people are to give away, effectively for free, their most intimate and easily exploited details.

      When this has been raised in the past we’ve always been treated to a response that it’s just a legal requirement to get around lotteries regulations. The implication being that the draw will really be random, Pedestrian just have to say that it’s a game of skill so they don’t have to do the paperwork.

      Then we get an article about all the great submissions they got… :-/

      Frankly, if nothing else, I really don’t have the time or inclination to waste time coming up with something suitably funny, memorable and yet and not too controversial to compete against everyone else’s funny, memorable and yet and not too controversial submissions.

  • Shame there weren’t any questions about the platform itself – ads disguised as stories, the downgrading of the comments sections, the annoying, out of date irrelevant videos etc.

  • Where are we weakest?:
    When you repost political shit from Kotaku US that has nothing to do with video games, their authors just want to bullshit on their soapbox.
    When you post article titles that are either 1. needlessly inflammatory or 2. have nothing to do with article whatsoever.
    Which both can be summed up as “when you want hate clicks. you suck.”
    Also yeah, as you mentioned, Less NFT stories thanks. I know Kotaku loves that loooooow haaaaaaanging fruit (please sing it like Tenacious D) but nobody gives a fuck about NFT or random twitch drama Kotaku being Keemstar is just tragic for all involved..
    When the only poster on articles is gamer joker acting like a pizza nif

    Where are we strongest?
    When you have Australian writers write things that are either informative or interesting in relation to the point of this website.
    When you have a more Australian outlook on the point of this website.
    When you have one of your new hires write an article with the help of her awesome art.

    • And yet, as always, here you still are. Still generating clicks and still generating engagement on the articles that you love to hate.

      It’s pretty clear that, with respect to your negatives, Pedestrian are in fact doing exactly what they need to do, and so long as you keep giving them the eyeballs their advertisers are looking for they’re going to continue doing it.

      And sheesh dude, do you really think they give one toss about your random rants in comments? Pedestrian know exactly that articles work for them and what don’t because metrics. All they’re interested from you at this point is your demographic breakdown so that they can more effectively sell you to advertisers.

      • Most of what you said is applicable to you. So excuse me for not giving a shit about you either fishboy. Even when this article isnt a hate click, but i guess context has always been lost on you when you have a Cloaca for a mouth.

        On the off chance they actually want feedback rather than just a “plz sir i want your demographics UwU”. I gave it.
        And if they think the majority of people would use Kotaku in current year with current user experience without an adblock and multiple script stopping functions with how bad it is, they are sorely mistaken Their advertisers are never seen by these and alot of other eyeballs.
        Have a nice Australia Day fishboy.

      • “All they’re interested from you at this point is your demographic breakdown so that they can more effectively sell you to advertisers.”

        That’s why everyone needs to put in random shit. Confuse the hell out of the advertizers. Just for sh*ts and giggles really.

  • I’ll tell ya for free.

    Don’t rely on US reviews, we’re always gonna welcome them from Ruby or yourself.
    Keep the spotlight on the AU/Scenes, love to see it.
    Send me my prize from winning Scribbletaku that one time.
    It was never expressly said but obviously It was supposed to be a PS4 pro, I think Alex might have nicked it.
    I already got a pro and PS5 now so I’m willing to settle for a series X.

    • The valid reason is exactly the same as for your age, sex and preferred breakfast cereal. Each provides a data point that the marketing department uses to work out the kind of products you’re likely to buy and how much capacity you have to pay for them.

      If you did want to help Pedestrian out, just claim to be single 30-something white male in the highest income bracket who owns all the consoles and buys all the games on day one from the usual (non-discount) retail outlets. It’s not like anyone is checking your answers.

    • I just put $1. They wouldn’t accept that because your income apparently has to be at least 998. So I filled the box with 9s instead. 🙂

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