Tom Holland Debuts New Uncharted Trailer During Sony’s CES Presser

Tom Holland Debuts New Uncharted Trailer During Sony’s CES Presser

Fresh from Spider-man: No Way Home‘s billion-dollar box office take, Sony has debuted a new trailer for Uncharted during its CES 2022 press conference. The star of both films, Tom Holland, was on hand to debut the trailer. It would not be a trade show celebrity appearance, however, without a little on-stage awkwardness.

Holland was his usual charming self but battled against awkward stage conversation with Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group CEO Tom Rothman. It took fifteen seconds for the walk-on music to finish playing and poor Holland just had to smile through it, plainly wondering what was happening. When he was finally able to speak, Rothman kept awkwardly cutting him off. And then, though Holland and Rothman were at pains to talk about how Uncharted filmed a great many of its stunts practically, they threw to a trailer that was mostly CGI.

Actually, I don’t even know that you could call it a trailer. It was just an extended clip, a “oner”, that favoured Brian DePalma trick of filming lengthy sequences in a single shot without cuts. The clip shows a battle featuring Holland’s Nathan Drake and Sophia Taylor Ali’s Chloe Frazer in a cargo plane. The sequence quite deliberately recalls the plane level in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, with Drake clutching a string of crates trailing from the open rear door.

Here, see for yourself:

Thoughts? Drop ’em in the comments. To me, the film still feels like it has a lot of work to do to sell me on it. Perhaps it’s the curse of YouTube compression striking again, but it looks like an awful lot of green screen going on in this clip.

Uncharted releases in theatres February 17, 2022.

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