Undertale Fan Prequel Six Years In The Making Almost Done, Looks Fantastic

Undertale Fan Prequel Six Years In The Making Almost Done, Looks Fantastic

Undertale Yellow is a fan-made prequel to the indie RPG that tells the story of Clover, the seventh human who falls into the game’s Underground. Given the go-ahead by Undertale creator Toby Fox back in February 2016, the labour of love is close to achieving its final form, with a new animated teaser trumpeting (or harmonicizing) its winter 2022 release date.

Developed using GameMaker Studio, by a dedicated team led by composer and writer Master Sword, Undertale Yellow made its big debut in April of 2016 with an announcement trailer that stated the fan project was “Coming Soonish.” Then added the caveat, “probably longer than that though.”

Unless your definition of “soonish” is a little over six years, that caveat held true. In an adorable teaser trailer directed by artist Figburn, the team behind the fan game revealed a winter 2022 release window for Undertale Yellow, at the same time warning of the dangers of letting sentient flowers play the harmonica.

Undertale Yellow tells the story of Clover, a child who willingly jumps into the Underground, clutching a poster featuring other children who’d gone missing near the sealed subterranean monster world. There she meets up with Undertale’s Flowey, with the pair embarking on a quirky adventure of their own.

Long in development, the Undertale Yellow project’s picked up a lot of steam over the past couple of years, with its first big gameplay showcase released on YouTube in June of 2021. With some very talented animators, pixel artists, composers, and writers on Team Undertale Yellow, the project is finally entering the home stretch.

You can follow the fan game’s continuing progress over at Game Jolt, where the new teaser trailer made its debut, along with a special message for fans.

“From the whole team: Thank you for sticking with us for six long years. We’ve poured our hearts into this game and believe it will be something truly special.”

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