What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

First Friday of the working year, friends. How are we feeling? What’s on for this weekend? With Omicron on the prowl, might be an idea to stay in and tick a few more games off the unplayed list.

I haven’t been able to sink much time into Sea of Thieves since I returned from Christmas in Brisbane so I’m definitely looking to get back in. What was supposed to be a chill SoT session last night turned into a wild ride when my friend spawned in to find an active Fort of the Damned on his server. They’d stacking the damned thing, a rookie move, and we took the bloody lot. Now I’ve got pirate fever again.

Beyond that, I want to spend more time with the PC port of God of War, code for which we only received yesterday. I dropped a few hours in last night, enough to start building some impressions, and I’m pleased with the state of it so far. A gorgeous game treated with the respect it deserves.

I’m very interested to check out The Anacrusis, which just dropped on Game Pass this morning. I also want to check out You Will (Not) Remain by Melbourne developer Bedtime Phobias. It’s about staying in your apartment as an eldritch horror destroys the world. I can’t lie, it was the very Evangelion inspired title that drew me in.

But how about you? What are you playing this weekend? Leave your recs in the comments below.


  • Finished up with Ni No Kuni the other night (amazing game) so plenty of time for Metroid Dread now. That and some Oblivion

    • I ended up skipping Ni No Kuni because it looked a little too kiddy for my tastes…..

      Imagine my surprise when my partner started playing it.

      • yeah its an interesting one that game… some parts of it like some of the characters and story are kinda childish, then the combat at times is like “how can they expect a child to get through this”

        ended up picking it up to play with my Mrs, she loved every second of it. Art style and settings carries it through

  • Kinda waiting for Elden Ring at the moment so I ended up giving Concrete Genie a try, beautiful little game.

    On top of that Prob knock out some Genshin, Warframe and watch my son 100% Astros Playroom for the hundredth time.

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