What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Another week down, friends. It is once again that beautiful time of the week where we come together and ask the question, “What are you playing this weekend?”

I can’t help but notice that Taikono Tasujin: The Drum Master just went up on Game Pass so that’s me absolutely sorted.

I’m kidding. I actually want to try to tip a little time into Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection. I don’t expect to spend more than an hour or two on Uncharted, it’s more that I want to get a feel for how it runs on the new hardware (beautifully, I’m sure).

And then there’s Pokemon Legends: Arceus. A very happy New Pokemon Day to all who observe. Ruby and I will both be playing Arceus this weekend because we’re sure we’ll want to talk about it next week. The arrival of Arceus feels like a real moment. The desire for an open-world Pokemon game has been around since I first played Red on a pea-soup Game Boy screen. To see Game Freak finally take a run at it after all these years feels like the series closing out a loop.

And it wouldn’t be WAYPTW if I didn’t mention Sea of Thieves. I’m back on the hated Tall Tale grind because I’ve decided I want that stupid Gold Curse after all.

How about you, though? What’s on the docket this weekend? New games? Old ones? Diving into new stuff on Game Pass? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Playing Dying Light, I cant believe I completely misjudged what this game was, for almost a whole generation and have never played. At first I was like ‘I will just rush through it before I play 2’, now I feel like I will delay the new game to 100% this one first.

  • My Husband and I have been playing through Borderlands 3 in Xbox/PC crossplay co-op, the list of non-mmo non-competitive-multiplayer games we can do that in can fit on one hand so we’re making the best of it and doing as many side missions etc as we can! I’m personally waiting for Sifu.

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