American McGee’s Alice Is Getting A TV Adaptation

American McGee’s Alice Is Getting A TV Adaptation
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American McGee’s Alice is the next video game series to be getting a TV adaptation.

American McGee’s Alice and its sequel Alice: Madness Returns are considered cult classics, and rightly so. While reviews in the past have been mixed, many who played the games remember them fondly for their twisted take on the classic Alice in Wonderland story. I remember playing the sequel on the Xbox 360 way back in the day after seeing it preowned on an EB Games shelf for dirt cheap. Little did I know, that game would stay fresh in my mind for years to come, and it seems like I’m not alone in that fact.

First reported by The Hollywood Reporter, it looks like Ted Field’s Radar Pictures have gotten their hands on the rights to the game, and have put writer David Hayter at the helm of an upcoming TV adaptation in partnership with Abandon Entertainment. Hayter is best known for his writing work on X-Men, X-Men 2, and Watchmen. In a statement about the new project, he wrote:

“American McGee’s Alice and Alice: Madness Returns game series is a groundbreaking reimagining of the classic tale. It takes you into the heart of a corrupted Wonderland and throws light into shadowy corners the world has never seen. I am beyond excited to bring this world of madness and wonder to a global audience.”

American McGee, who designed the games, has had roles at id Software and EA, before opening his own game development studio Spicy Horse in 2007. McGee worked on games such as The Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Quake, and Quake II while at id Software. After the closure of Spicy Horse in 2016, McGee has reportedly been pursuing “life at sea” while also working on a third instalment into the Alice series called Alice: Asylum. McGee had this to say about the announcement:

“David Hayter brings imagination, experience, and stealth sneaking skills gained through successful missions in film, TV, and video games – a unique combination sure to make this adventure into Wonderland a successful one for the franchise and the fans. I am excited to be working with him and know the Alice fans will welcome him with mad affection.”

While this is obviously not the first screen adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass literature, it is the first small-screen adaptation of McGee’s takes on the classic stories. As of writing, no broadcaster or streaming platform has acquired the series, which is currently in development. With the success of video game TV series such as Netflix’s The Witcher and Arcane, one can only hope that this adaptation will do the game justice.


  • “With the success of video game TV series such as Netflix’s The Witcher and Arcane, one can only hope that this adaptation will do the game justice.”

    It’s worth pointing out that The Witcher primarily drew upon the literary source material that the games used, and that Arcane was made for streaming services.

    For every breakout hit, there’s a Cowboy Beflop or Death Note Amerikkkan adaptation.

    • Last I heard, you can check the progress on pre-production work on the third game by subscribing to McGee’s Patreon.

  • My partner is a massive fan, she’s gonna stoked!

    I wouldn’t mind another game as well but I really hope he doesn’t outsource everything again, the premise deserves it.

  • “Hayter is best known for his writing work on X-Men, X-Men 2, and Watchmen.”

    Or, you know, being the voice of Solid fucking Snake

  • For those looking -the original two games are seldom found in the most popular online marketplaces (it’s published by EA) – but Humble Bundle does sell the Complete Collection. Has been on sale in the past perhaps once or twice in the past couple of years.

  • How many times has a screen adaption been attempted with the Alice property now? This must be at least the 4th. I’m curious to see what an adaption would look like, but I’ll believe it’s happening when I see it.

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