Another Pro Gamer With History Of Homophobia Fired In Wake Of Men’s Height Controversy

Another Pro Gamer With History Of Homophobia Fired In Wake Of Men’s Height Controversy
Former team member Kbaton. (Image: Cyclops Athlete Gaming)

Osaka-based esports team Cyclops Athlete Gaming has fired yet another player. Yesterday, it cancelled the contract of Tekken player Tanukana after a history of abusive comments, the last being about men under a certain height. Today, following revelations about some really unpleasant tweets, it let go the organisation’s Call of Duty manager, Kbaton.

The team made the announcement via Twitter, writing, “As of February 18, 2022, Cyclops Athlete Gaming has cancelled its team contract with Kbaton.” The same announcement was also posted on Cyclops Athlete Gaming’s official site.

No reason was given for the dismissal, and the team’s management and owners have yet to speak publicly about the decision, but it’s assumed it’s to do with some very nasty tweets the streamer has previously sent. Kotaku has reached out to Cyclops Athlete Gaming for comment and clarification, and will update this article should the team respond.

Website Hanayakana Life reports that Kbaton made a number of tweets with homophobic and ableist slurs on repeated occasions. In Japan, the types of ableist slurs he used have been directed at disabled children as well as people with mental disabilities. He also used the slur ホモ (homo), which, as Buzzfeed Japan previously reported, Fuji TV got called out for allowing on a Beat Takeshi comedy show back in 2017.

Screenshots of these tweets began circulating in the wake of the Tanukana’s comments, in which she said men under 170 cm don’t have human rights. The team was asked why Tanukana was let go and Kbaton wasn’t.

Following Tanukana’s initial height-comment controversy, which has since become national news in Japan, Kbaton tweeted, “I didn’t think this would turn out to be such a big deal. The internet is terrifying.” He added in a separate tweet, “The team I belong to, LOL.”

Kbaton has since deleted his Twitter account. His team profile on the official Cyclops Athlete Gaming site has also been removed.


  • Manlet rage claims another poor soul.
    But seriously, if one cant tell that ‘under 170cm’ line is a joke one should seek help. Though maybe the joke just….flew over their heads. ohohohoho.

    Suppose i still understand the ‘team/company’ not being chill about it as it is unprofessional of course, and its idiotic at best saying this on a public account while in a such a public facing ‘job’.

  • This kind of thing is going to keep being a problem until the industries realise you have to teach these people to be their own publicists.

    The old machinery for fame was full of middle people to act as buffers. Almost everything you heard or saw involving famous people was meticulously crafted before the public ever saw it. That machinery is largely gone, now. Plucking young, perpetually online ‘personalities’ from their streams and making them famous is going to lead to shit like this again and again. They need training. They need mentorship. At the very least they need someone to catch some of the most egregious fuck ups before they get posted on tiktok or Twitter.

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