Blue Box Game Studios Say Its YouTube Was Hacked And Those Abandoned Emails Are A Scam

Blue Box Game Studios Say Its YouTube Was Hacked And Those Abandoned Emails Are A Scam
Image: Blue Box Game Studio

It seems the devs over at Blue Box Game Studios can’t catch a break.

The developers of the upcoming PlayStation 5 game Abandoned have come out on their official Twitter account stating that their YouTube account had been hacked. Due to this, the developer has also stated that ‘various people’ have received emails from the account asking them to buy a pre-order of the game.

Based on a later tweet in reply to Team YouTube, it looks like they’re working on getting their account back which is good. Looking at their Twitter account, this also seems to be the first time they’ve been active since late last year. That being said, the account has not been the most regular poster of updates in the past.

In actuality, the developer’s Twitter account has been a place for the developer to apologise, plead for people to stop sending them death threats, and clarify that they have no connection to Hideo Kojima. Abandoned has been the subject of many a conspiracy and controversy, all starting with gamers picking up ‘hints’ that Blue Box Game Studios might all be a front for Hideo Kojima to make a new Silent Hill game. This was shut down by Blue Box Game Studios themselves, who made their very first tweet on June 16th of last year.

Ever since then, it’s been hurdle after hurdle with these guys, from pleading with people to stop sending them death threats as many grew irate over the lack of information or updates on the game, to the shaky launch of their app on the PlayStation 5 that was supposed to show off what the game was going to be capable of only making people angrier. With many doubting, if the game even exists, here’s hoping the Blue Box Game Studios team sees some good luck eventually.

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