Boba Fett Had A Cameo From a 1981 Video Game System

Boba Fett Had A Cameo From a 1981 Video Game System
Screenshot: Disney

If you made it through the entire series of Book of Boba Fett, you were treated to a terrible finale and a two-episode narrative diversion that derailed the entire premise of this being a show about Boba Fett. Enjoy! You also, however, caught a glimpse of a very cool, very old piece of video game hardware.

There’s a scene in the final episode where David Pasquesi’s character — did he ever get a name, or was he just the majordomo? — has to use a bulky handheld device. At first glance it looks right at home in the Star Wars universe, with its design looking exactly like something that would belong in a series had its visual identity laid out between 1977-83.

What’s cool here, though, is that it’s not a wholly custom piece designed to recreate the era’s design hallmarks, but, as Digital Eclipse’s Mike Mika quickly realised, a kitbashed Coleco Bowlatronic:

While the majordomo is holding the Star Wars version in his hands as a big-arse tablet, the Bowlatronic was actually a tabletop device first released in 1981, and tried — as close as the technology of the time allowed — to simulate the sport/pastime of bowling with a bunch of buttons and some red lights.

The game supported up to four players, and according to its own sales pitch let them pick the ball’s spot, its curve, speed and release. The Bowlatronic would also give hints, allow for “precise control over the ball” (that’s taken from the game’s instruction booklet) and “scores just like real bowling”.

Which all sounds very fun and advanced, but remember (or don’t, this was a long time ago!), this is 1981 we’re talking about, and for all those words spent talking this up as a realistic and authentic bowling experience, this is what the thing actually looked like to play.

Yyyyeeaahhh. Still, the device looked cool, which brings us all the way back to why we’re talking about it today in the first place. It looked cool on a table back then and it looked just as good in a retro-future TV series made 40 years later!


  • It was an odd finale, that’s for sure.
    So many plot holes were needed to tie everything off but it was still an enjoyable ride.

    The part that had me laughing was when Din and Boba were having a shoot out with the Pikes outside the destroyed bar.
    Din kept doing fancy moves like spinning, duck turning and other flourishes, only to cop several blaster shots after every trick.
    Really should’ve just kept blasting!
    (I suppose that’s his m.o though, kicks arse on his own terms but quickly goes down hill when he’s not in control of the situation)

  • Darn. And here I am , thought the finale was great and the series was highly enjoyable. Guess I’m wrong then.

    I’m unsure what metric Star Wars is being judged on right now, but I sure don’t care.

    I’ve put up with people hating on Star Wars since TESB came out (Luke as Vader’s son? Contradicts the entire set up of the first movie! Cynical cash in to extend the franchise! Star Wars was self contained, no need to drag it out! – yes I heard all those things in the 80s) and find it hilarious how self important people get over these generally entertaining mass market family friendly action adventure films. Like a critique of a Big Mac would hold the same cultural weight.

    • Don’t take it personally, there’s a lot of ridiculous and reasonable critique out there, it shouldn’t detract from your own enjoyment.

    • I think its just one of those ‘personal enjoyment may vary’ things. I really didn’t enjoy the first three episodes, so I tell folks to just skip them. Four through six I enjoyed, but that is likely the director for those ones, as well as the characters and story. Episode four is when I started to really enjoy Fennec’s character after having been Meh on her in Mandalorian and Bad Batch.

      Episode 7? It had moments, but there was so much style over substance that it spoilt a lot of my enjoyment. But I think thats how you can sum up a lot of the series.

      Bad Batch I was really meh on, except even introducing legacy characters in it didn’t do anything for me. Them blonde-washing a maori character is a large part of that. “We’ve made the Ultimate Clone! She’s female. And blonde.”

    • Yeah I agree, this type of BS journalism is right at home with the times we live in. Toxicity is the name of the game and outlets like this feed it.

    • I don’t take any of it personally, I’m just bemused by the industrial outrage factory of Star Wars commentary, and how it’s become it’s own industry.

      When really, at this stage 45 years on – “Star Wars” means 500,000 different things to 2 billion people, and people will like what they like. “Personal enjoyment may vary”. Totally agree. Let the billions eat their cheeseburgers, cause they just might like a cheeseburger time to time. And I enjoyed the strangely assembled but ultimately satisfying value meal of Mando interlude season of backstory and universe building Fett.

  • Oops, just realised the post context, I wasn’t replying to your opinion post (totally fair) – but to the OP/article.

    I think what was ultimately a good analysis article of the on screen Boba Fett’s arc, and how this Filoni continuation in some ways, acknowledges that as it builds on it.

    But somehow the article is headlined in a negative way. Whether or not you think they nailed the landing, It’s hard to deny they at least clearly ended things with a gaffi strike of the intent “well, he’s still a bit of a chump, but he’s learned some stuff and is getting better all the time”. . I mean he rode a Rancor and stuck Cad Bane (still ticking) with a gaffi stick.”BOBA FETT NOW LESS OF A CHUMP” that’d be fair.

    • Ah, your talking about that article!
      Yeah totally fair, that article was a dud for me as well and was literally the inspiration for the ridiculous criticism statement in my reply.
      How can you complain about the big bad bounty hunter getting his arse handed to him and ignore that fact he spent that entire period in the bacta tank?! The external acid burns would’ve been the least of his worries and once he was healed he was clearly a different person physically.

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