Demon’s Souls Expert Claims PS5 Remake Still Hides Secrets, But Won’t Say What

Demon’s Souls Expert Claims PS5 Remake Still Hides Secrets, But Won’t Say What

Several unique items have yet to be unearthed in the PlayStation 5 remake of Demon’s Souls, trusted modder and dataminer Lance McDonald recently stated on Twitter. That said, he’s not quite ready to give up the details.

“Bluepoint Games added a number of new items to the Demon’s Souls remake that still remain undiscovered,” McDonald, who lives in Australia, explained on social media last night while the rest of the world slept. “If we ever get a PlayStation 5 jailbreak, maybe I’ll be able to figure it out, but for now all I know is there’s four undiscovered items and what they’re called.”

Kotaku contacted Sony about McDonald’s claims but didn’t hear back before publishing.

While largely a straight (if beautifully remastered) remake of the original Demon’s Souls, which released on PlayStation 3 in 2009, the PlayStation 5 version did introduce new content like the Grass Jelly consumable and the Imperial Spy clothing. The most notorious additions to the PS5 remake, however, were the Ceramic Coins, cleverly hidden pick-ups that can be traded for a key to open a path to an area containing a new armour set based on the late-game Penetrator boss.

McDonald, whose Souls resume includes uncovering Bloodborne content that developer From Software left on the cutting room floor and modding the 2015 game to run at 60 frames per second, said that he still hasn’t figured out how to obtain these Demon’s Souls items in-game. As such, he isn’t interested in divulging more information on these findings just yet.

“If I ever get confirmation they’re impossible to get, I’ll talk about what I know,” McDonald added in a follow-up tweet. “But I don’t want to ruin any Easter egg hunting by spoiling the surprise via datamining.”

Demon’s Souls fans have long wondered if the PlayStation 5 remake is still hiding secrets. Shortly after the game’s November 2020 launch, several players reported hearing strange noises in several areas of the game’s world. But while rumours ran rampant about the sound effects possibly being connected to future projects by From Software and remake studio Bluepoint Games, those hopes were quickly squashed when Sony told Kotaku the echoes were merely an unintended bug.

Two years later, Demon’s Souls remains one of the very best PlayStation 5 games and a wonderful showcase of the console’s capabilities. The fact that folks like McDonald are still hunting for secrets in the remake is a testament both to the staying power of the original and the amazing job Bluepoint did in polishing it up for a modern audience. As a huge fan myself, I’m hoping we learn more about these secret items sooner rather than later.

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