Savathûn, Destiny 2’s Witch Queen, Is Roasting People On Twitter

Savathûn, Destiny 2’s Witch Queen, Is Roasting People On Twitter

Savathûn is the Witch Queen, a Destiny 2 character positioned as the fearsome villain of the game’s latest expansion. Long-time fans know her. They love her, and they hate her. And right now, they can’t wait to turn her into a gun. To generate a bit of extra hype for the new expac, Savathûn has taken over the official Destiny 2 Twitter account and is happily roasting anyone fool enough to have a go at her.

Her regular tweets carry all the pomp and foreboding of a classic, arch-villain. The fans, however, want nothing more than to annoy an emergent god.

She will not tolerate simps on the TL.

Some attempted to come for the Queen and missed.

The insistence that she will be turned into a gun like all the other previous bosses doesn’t seem to bother her.

Offers to hang out aren’t even dignified with a response (sorry, Paul).

Only those who are genuinely Mad Online receive her gentle touch.

This is, of course, all savvy marketing around Destiny 2‘s new Witch Queen expansion. Savathûn is deeply ingrained in the complex lore of Destiny 2 and the appearance of the Witch Queen in this new expansion has fans very worked up. The expansion drops on February 22.

Prior to being bought out by PlayStation, Bungie had planned to complete the current Destiny 2 story in 2023. Witch Queen was to be, according to the roadmap, the third last DLC in that chain. Whether that will change now that it lives under Sony’s roof is anyone’s guess.

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