Don’t Worry, Final Fantasy VI’s Pixel Remaster Will Let You Properly Suplex That Train

Don’t Worry, Final Fantasy VI’s Pixel Remaster Will Let You Properly Suplex That Train

After showing a video over the weekend of Final Fantasy VI’s train boss not flipping upside-down while being suplexed by beefy monk Sabin in the upcoming pixel remaster, Square Enix is now reassuring fans that the locomotive will be properly manhandled when the game comes to Steam and mobile devices on February 23.

“We’re still hard at work polishing Final Fantasy VI pixel remaster in time for launch next week, and we saw some of your comments that the Phantom Train didn’t flip during Meteor Strike,” the official Final Fantasy account on Twitter wrote. “The video was taken from a pre-release version, and will be adjusted in time for launch!”

Due to Final Fantasy VI’s enduring popularity, longtime fans of the 28-year-old role-playing game are keeping close watch for inconsistencies from the original Super Nintendo release. Like, forget the remasters’ high price and tiny text, that Phantom Train absolutely needs to be turned end-over-end when Sabin unleashes Meteor Strike (known as Suplex in the original English translation). Otherwise, you might as well throw the whole thing in the trash.

Final Fantasy VI has a lot going on, what with its unique story about a girl with magical powers traversing a world that long ago saw a shift from the arcane to industrial technology. Even so, the Phantom Train suplex remains one of the game’s most enduring moments due to the obvious absurdity of performing a wrestling manoeuvre on a steam engine. And that’s saying a lot when the game’s big bad is literally jokerfied.

Suplexing the train is so important, in fact, that Final Fantasy VI speedrunners at Games Done Quick marathons have historically performed the attack if viewers can reach a certain donation threshold, even though it’s much slower than simply throwing a Phoenix Down at the undead locomotive and calling it a day. That’s showmanship and dedication on the level of saving the animals in Super Metroid, folks.

All in all, Final Fantasy fans seem largely happy with Square Enix’s pixel remasters of the series’ first five games. It should stand to reason the sixth will enjoy a similar reception when it launches next week, especially now that the developers have cleared up this Phantom Train business. Go, and suplex that jerk to your heart’s content.

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