Elon Musk Wants To Get Steam Games In Teslas

Elon Musk Wants To Get Steam Games In Teslas
Contributor: Andy Kalmowitz

There is a new – and even more distracting – feature in the works for Tesla vehicles. CEO Elon Musk said the automaker is working on making Steam games available on Tesla vehicles.

Musk revealed the plans on Twitter after gaming journalist Ryan McCaffrey tweeted at him asking when Cyberpunk would be available on the Model S and Model X.

You should always take Musk’s Twitter announcements with a grain of salt, but if it is to be believed, the company’s goal is to have all Steam games available in Tesla cars. However, in the shorter term there may just be a few select titles available.

The automaker already has their own game library inside of its cars called the Tesla Arcade, and it has been working with video game studios to port games into their system.

According to Electrek, Tesla has recently put a new, faster computer in the Model S and Model X that is geared toward use for video games powered by the AMD Navi 23 GPU. Games would be playable through the front and rear touchscreens, and Musk revealed there is more storage space to handle additional games on the platform.

According to Videocardz, who compared specs between Tesla’s computer and various video game consoles, the Tesla hardware does match up with them fairly well. That means – in theory – Tesla’s computer would be able to run these games without melting down or bricking the entire car.

Gaming in Teslas has been a popular feature among owners – especially when waiting for their cars to charge. Tesla being Tesla, the implementation has fallen a bit short of seamless. In fact, it was verging on unsafe until the NHTSA stepped in. Tesla owners were able to play games while moving, and I don’t need to explain to you why that is a bad idea.

Luckily for the general public, Tesla games are only playable when the car is parked.