Genshin Impact Player Survives Impossible Falls By Pinballing Off Cliffs

Genshin Impact Player Survives Impossible Falls By Pinballing Off Cliffs

Some Genshin Impact players refuse to play the game the way that it’s meant to be played, and I respect that. Yesterday, Reddit user Ezmankong posted a video in which they used playable character Ningguang to spectacularly bounce off two cliffsides and avoided dying of fall damage, and it’s a marvel to see.

Ezmankong is a Genshin player who regularly uploads videos of whimsical gameplay tricks in the open world. None of them are for competitive use, but they are an interesting look into what can be accomplished by players with a bit of creativity.

Two weeks ago, they first discovered that it was possible to bounce upwards by hitting a specific tree in the Liyue region. Most recently, after a bit of experimentation, they were able to bounce Ningguang off two rock cliffs before she finally landed safely in the water. Ezmankong had been playing the game with Ningguang every day for a year, and only discovered the double-bounce trick this week. They told Kotaku that the trick only works for catalyst characters.

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This trick is interesting for two reasons. A “plunge attack” occurs when a character attacks while in the air, and they spiral straight down. They can’t end the plunge early, and it only ends when they finally make contact with solid ground. And players cannot adjust their fall trajectory in mid-flight. Ezmankong was able to skillfully bounce off two specific spots that the game didn’t recognise as a “floor.”

Secondly, they bounced the richest woman in Genshin off the cliff faces of Liyue. Sometimes I bring Ningguang to my party to easily locate ores, but I never climb or swim with her. I mean, her entire outfit is probably worth more than all the money that I’ve collected in the game. Ezmankong straight up smashed her against solid rock. I laughed at the sheer audacity of it.

This trick could have gone horribly wrong. While characters take less fall damage from plunge attacks than they would by falling normally, they still take some damage. Ezmankong’s Ningguang managed to avoid taking any damage during both of their plunge attempts. The second time was because she landed in the water. But the first time, she landed harmlessly on solid ground. If she had ended her plunge early from making contact with what the game registers as a “floor,” then she could have died instantly from the fall duration. Just ask me how I know.

Reddit commenters joked that Genshin pinball could be a future event, or that people will start making similar obstacle courses in their Serenitea housing. Genshin allows players to experience different game genres through events and major updates, but if they don’t build the pinball game, then maybe players will.



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