Genshin Impact’s Inazuma Update Adds Yae Miko, New Enemies, And Bartending

Genshin Impact’s Inazuma Update Adds Yae Miko, New Enemies, And Bartending

This morning, Genshin Impact revealed the next major update for the game, which consists of new content for the Inazuma region. Yae Miko will become playable for the first time, the Enkanomiya sub-region will get its own event, and players will be able to fight a boss who looks suspiciously like the Raiden Shogun.

Yae Miko is the head priestess of the Inazuma region, and the founder of a book publishing house. While Yae Miko’s moveset has been leaked for a while, nothing was certain before now, as characters will often undergo changes before their official launch. Players finally got the final confirmation on Yae Miko’s moveset today, which is built around dealing AoE Electro damage while both on and off-field. Her dedicated character banner will run alongside her signature weapon, Kaguya’s Verity.

Yae’s banner will run during the first half of the 2.5 update, while the Raiden Shogun and Sangomiya Kokomi banners will have their reruns during the second half.

Yae will have a dedicated character quest, which will coincide with the second chapter of Raiden Shogun’s new character quest, both revealing more information about Inazuma’s history. Sometime during the update, players will also be able to unlock a weekly boss that looks like Raiden Shogun. However, despite her similarity to the goddess of Inazuma, the announcers were deliberate about not clearing up her identity.

When players return to Enkanomiya after the update, they might notice a new enemy type: Shadowy Husk enemies. These dark soldiers have the ability to buff everyone around them when they hit a character’s shield. This is part of miHoYo’s continued efforts to erode the shield meta since they introduced the Rift Hounds. Good luck, my fellow Zhongli mains.

For players who aren’t enthused about fighting the newer enemies, the Three Realms Gateway Offering is a new Enkanomiya-themed event that focuses on exploration. Players will be given an item that loses power over time, and they must maintain its energy level in order to defeat certain more familiar enemies in the area.

Other smaller minigames feature a bartender-themed event where players can mix drinks for playable characters. The Divine Ingenuity minigame will allow players to design their own timed exploration domain challenge, which they can publish and share with other players. For the more combat-inclined, the Hyakunin Ikki co-op event will get a rerun.

All of these updates will be released on February 16.

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