Ghostwire: Tokyo Turns You Into An Urban Wizard, I Guess?

Ghostwire: Tokyo Turns You Into An Urban Wizard, I Guess?

During this morning’s surprise Not Quite A State of Play broadcast, fans of Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami got their first real look at the survival horror designer’s latest game, Ghostwire: Tokyo. What we saw, however, had a very different feel to the kind of games Mikami is known for.

Overlooked amid all the plaudits for Deathloop last year, Ghostwire becomes Bethesda’s final pre-acquisition exclusive for PlayStation.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a first-person action game that turns the player into a kind of urban wizard. That terminology conjures a specific sort of image, so Think more Doctor Strange and less Harry Dresden, though. Your character has access to any number of Strange-esque spells and super-human abilities. These spells and powers are used to restore order to a Tokyo besieged by ghosts and demons.

You can watch the full Ghostwire: Tokyo State of Play below.

Slendermen, headless schoolgirls, I Know What You Did Last Summer raincoat slashers — you’ll cut them all down. What initially appears similar in principle to games like Dishonored quickly veers into arcadey mob mowdowns. Cleansing the various corrupted Torii gates throughout the city will see you fight a more powerful spirit to clear the path. Talismans give you more options in combat, like crowd control domes and spell modifiers.

Where Dishonored was about finesse, Ghostwire: Tokyo is about style and spell combinations. Whether it’s ultimately style-over-substance or not remains to be seen. What I do know is that this was not what I expected to see when I settled in for the video this morning, but my interest is certainly piqued. I’m interested to see more.

Bethesda has the gameplay segment broken out into a self-contained trailer on its YouTube channel. Sony has the whole 20-minute Ghostwire: Tokyo State of Play hosted on its PlayStation channel.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is set to launch on March 21, 2022.


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