Halo Infinite Spartans Fly Around Like Titanfall Players With This Grappling Hook Technique

Halo Infinite Spartans Fly Around Like Titanfall Players With This Grappling Hook Technique

Since Halo Infinite’s launch, players have used the grappling hook in both the campaign and multiplayer to pull off all kinds of feats. From using the tool in a no-damage run to clipping out of the story mode’s first level, the grappleshot has been one of the standout additions to 343 Industries’ latest first-person shooter. Using it in tandem with a quick slide grants you a speed boost, but did you know you could move even faster than that? I didn’t, and it’s wild how fast folks are zooming across Halo Infinite’s world.

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Esports commentator Alexander “Shyway” Hope posted a short clip to Twitter of him discovering a sick schmoovement technique in Halo Infinite. The video is a supercut of Shyway grappleshotting and sliding around various in-game maps, gaining a massive amount of speed in the process. It almost looked like Shyway’s flying in some instances, with some folks in the replies likening it to or straight-up calling the technique Titanfall shit.

“Think I just discovered a new technique in Halo Infinite,” Shyway tweeted.

In a follow-up tweet — and in a few other responses to folks replying to his initial tweet — Shyway briefly explained how he performed this “overslide” or whatever we’re calling it. He’s doing something pretty normal in the game — combining the grappling hook with the curb slide — but just before hitting the slide and after grappleshotting, Shyway said he clipped his legs on the edge of a ledge first. Apparently, it’s the clipping part that boosts movement speed and increases travel distance. Talk about perfect timing.

Kotaku has reached out to Shyway for comment.

Now, look. This isn’t a new technique in Halo Infinite. A few folks in Shyway’s mentions pointed out that the schmoovement was discovered forever ago, including during the test flights 343 Industries hosted back in August and October. It’s also something I’ve done many times in the game’s campaign, especially when I have to travel hella far distances. Which is often. Still, the novelty here isn’t in the technique as much as it is in the speed. I mean, Shyway gets around doing this! He basically turned the game into Titanfall. Such a technique would be incredible for speedrunning Halo Infinite’s story.

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Halo Infinite continues to be a massive success for 343 Industries, but the community is still seemingly frustrated with the state of the game. Capture the Flag matches in Ranked take too long to finish, prices in the game’s store are pretty silly for certain items, and folks are tired of big team battle shenanigans. At least the worst map in Ranked has finally been removed.


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