Halo Mod Makes TV Show Canon By Adding Chevy Tahoe

Halo Mod Makes TV Show Canon By Adding Chevy Tahoe

Chevy fans who also love Halo, rejoice. Finally, your day has arrived. A talented modder has added a Chevy Tahoe into Halo 3 after being inspired by the SUV’s recent appearance in a new Halo TV show trailer.

Earlier this week, we finally got a trailer for the new, upcoming Paramout+ live-action Halo show. As you might expect, some folks liked it, while others hated it, because the internet. And pretty quickly, people noticed a Chevrolet Tahoe SUV chilling in the background of a few scenes. This is odd. Halo is set 500 years in the future, often on alien planets. Yet, apparently, in five centuries’ time the Tahoe will still be a reliable and working SUV, even on a distant planet far away from Earth.

And so, with that discovery, a countdown timer started until someone eventually took the logical next step and added a playable Chevy Tahoe into Halo. Less than two days after the trailer premiered on January 30, NexusMods user AWEIRDOGRUNT took that bold step and uploaded a Halo 3 PC mod that would let the Chief drive the SUV.

YouTuber Fal uploaded footage of the mod to their channel, showcasing the Chevy Tahoe in action during Halo 3‘s final level. Usually, that level is completed in an M12 Warthog. But this time the Master Chief stars in his own Chevy ad, driving the SUV to safety.

According to the mod’s description, you can use the SUV’s vehicle tags to add it to “any mission” in the game. The mod’s creator also explains that it lets you rewrite history, saying:

“Thought the Chevy Tahoe in the background of the new TV series trailer wasn’t canon? THINK AGAIN. Rewrite history by playing through the ending of Halo 3 in a Chevy Tahoe”

Adam Ismail over at Jalopnik pointed out that the Chevy seen in the Halo TV show trailer is specifically a second-generation GMT800 Tahoe. This SUV was produced by Chevy from 1999 to around 2006. So assuming the one seen in the trailer (and this mod) was built in 2006 that’s uh… hmmm. I’m bad at maths. But it’s very old.

As someone who has spent most of his life in Kansas, I speak for many other Midwesterners when I say this: These ugly things are everywhere and often driven by your annoying coach, weird uncle, or nice-but-strict grandmother. So, it’s especially odd for me to see the vehicles make their way into the future. But here we are.


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