Can’t Find Horizon: Forbidden West’s Apex Variants? Hunt At Night

Can’t Find Horizon: Forbidden West’s Apex Variants? Hunt At Night

Have you been hunting for Horizon: Forbidden West‘s legendary crafting materials and coming up short? You’re not the only one. Most know that farming specific Apex variant robots for legendary drops is important. It’s figuring out exactly where to find them that has players scratching their heads. Theories on how to get them to spawn abounded in the game’s first week of release, but now it seems players have figured out the simple secret. Just go hunting at night.

Many players tend to prefer to hunt during the day for improved visibility. It seems the Apex variant bots are nocturnal and will show up more frequently after dark. You’ll have a chance to find Apex spawns near their specific robot map markers. Some, like the Dreadwing, do spawn after dark, but won’t spawn at the map marker, meaning you’ll have to work a bit harder to find them in the wild.

Here’s a great example: a recent video from YouTuber JorRaptor on Horizon: Forbidden West explains how taking down Apex variants can give you a significant edge in the Arena, which also pays out Legendary gear.

Apex variants are larger, more powerful versions of each of the game’s enemy robots. They pose a much harder fight than their standard counterparts, and you’ll need a significantly upgraded arsenal (and maybe a couple of large health pots) to bring many of them down. The materials and mechanical hearts they drop when defeated are of a legendary quality you can’t get from regular bots. Some of these materials, like the Slitherfang and Rollerback hearts, are filed in your inventory under sellable items. Be careful you don’t go selling them by accident because they’re extremely hard to come by.

Once in your possession, you can use these Apex variant items to craft many of Horizon: Forbidden West‘s legendary-grade armours.

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