Horizon Forbidden West’s Photo Mode Reveals How Detailed The Game Really Is

Horizon Forbidden West’s Photo Mode Reveals How Detailed The Game Really Is

I can’t believe what people are already doing with the photo mode in Horizon: Forbidden West. 

For some, Horizon is a game about one young woman’s struggle to save the world from the sins of its past. For others, it’s about flawless, meticulous vibes curation. And in a game as beautiful and detailed as this, hunting

As players began to explore the world of Horizon: Forbidden West after launch last week, social media was quickly flooded with photos from players hunting the perfect shot. Let’s take a look through some of their fine, fine work.

First up, the Aloy fans

Aloy is noble character with a big heart, this we know. She spends most of her adventure with her brow furrowed with worry and tension. Because of this, there are those who want to see Aloy enjoy herself a little, and fair enough. To that end, these players are using photo mode to find moments where Aloy can let off some steam.

Aloy has a range of poses and facial expressions players can use to complement the mood of a given photo. Beyond the funny faces and Instagram influencer poses, there are also a range of downbeat expressions and poses for more contemplative shots.

Or you can just have her hang out in a field. Head empty, vibes only. It’s the break she deserves.


Meanwhile, the landscape photographers are absolutely beside themselves with the results they can produce.

The wildlife photographers are also having a field day, particularly with the racoons and foxes.

Although sometimes the wildlife dictates the shot.

There are a lot games that have a photo mode, but few seem to get the same results as Horizon: Forbidden West. There are so many small details and flourishes everywhere you look. The monumental amount of work has gone into every last part of the game’s art design and Guerilla have an awful lot to be proud of. Every frame a painting indeed. Show them some love and take a photo for your socials.

Horizon: Forbidden West is out now on PS5 and PS4. Read our full review right over here.


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