The Internet Reacts To Kirby’s Mouthful Mode

The Internet Reacts To Kirby’s Mouthful Mode

Like all things, the internet had a field day when it came to something jarring. The ‘something’, of course, was Kirby’s Mouthful Mode in the upcoming Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

The beauty of announcements like this is it brings out people’s most creative side. Art can be many things. It can be beautiful, eye-opening, shocking, and confusing. Sometimes, it can be Kirby. Isn’t that amazing? As somebody that is more online than they’d like to be, I’ve seen many takes in my time. Bad takes, good takes, I’ve seen it all. The Kirby Mouthful Mode takes, though? It’s a mixed bag of mostly good. I have some favourites though, and I won’t be including any that imply Kirby is the throat goat.

These are just a few of the favourites I’ve come across, but knowing the creativity of the online world, I’m sure there are many more. Mouthful Mode seems to be a game mechanic that some people love, and some people fear. I’m personally a huge fan of Kirby stretching his hog gob over large inanimate objects, as it is funny to me.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land will release for Nintendo Switch on March 25th, 2022.


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