Mr. Mime’s Animations Have Stolen Pokémon Legends Arceus Players’ Hearts

Mr. Mime’s Animations Have Stolen Pokémon Legends Arceus Players’ Hearts

Most wild Pokémon are incredibly standoffish in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. When trying to catch them, I’m used to having to sneak up to them in the tall grass, or pelt them with food until they look somewhere else. They’ll often run away or attack trainers if provoked. Mr. Mime, on the other hand, wants to give you a little show, and the creature’s memorable antics are making quite an impression on players.

Take a look at this Mr. Mime who poured themselves a cup of tea while settling into an invisible couch:

The most striking thing to me is that this Mr. Mime doesn’t go into alert mode when they spot a trainer. Usually, a Pokémon will either choose to fight or flee when they notice you. This one’s just pretending that the trainer isn’t there. You’ve gotta admire Mr. Mime’s dedication to the craft.

Despite being an artist at heart, however, even Mr. Mime has to abide by battle rules, especially when you engage them in battle. This Alpha Mr. Mime (one of the larger, more aggressive Pokémon) straight-up walked off when a player called out a Snorlax. Though it may look like Mr. Mime is peacing out of this encounter, she’s actually just creating space between herself and her large Snorlax opponent, but the nonchalantly aloof way that she turns around is hilarious. It almost feels like she’s doing it for attention.

One of the fun mechanics in Arceus is that your party members can interact with each other when you let them out of their Pokéballs, in ways that have more life and character than what we saw with the camp feature in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Check out these Pokémon cheering after Mr. Mime performed invisible barriers for them.

Not everyone is a fan of Mr. Mime’s antics, however. During one player’s battle with a wild Mr. Mime, one trainer’s Graveller rolled away after his opponent tried to mimic walls in front of him. While it’s normal for Pokémon to back away a little bit when there’s not enough space, it’s funnier to think that Graveller said “no PDA in public, please.” I have to admit, Mr. Mime has a lot of commitment to the bit. I would have expected her to have at least a little bit of self-preservation when defeat or capture was on the line.

The entirety of Hisui is Mr. Mime’s stage, and everyone is an audience member. Even when they don’t want to be.


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