Pokemon Legends: Arceus Fans Agree: Paras Is Satan

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Fans Agree: Paras Is Satan

You’ve probably been trying to catch ‘em all in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, but sometimes the Pokémon just want to catch you. And kill you. It’s probably fair, since I’m trying to put their friends and family in Pokéballs. But in the heat of running away from a weirdly aggressive Paras, I just want these fuckers to eat shit.

Unlike most mainline Pokémon games where Pokémon have acclimated to human existence like city-dwelling pigeons, these wild creatures can actually attack and injure the humans. Some do so more than others. A Starly will immediately skitter away as I approach. There are some species, however, that are just constant annoyances regardless of whether they’re the pack leader or not. Yes, I’m talking about Paras.

Paras holds the title of ‘most reviled Pokémon in Legends,’ and for good reason. For a grass-and-bug type with two ultra-effective weaknesses, they’re incredibly bold about chasing you down half the map. They can use a poison attack that continues to damage you even after you’ve escaped their range. There’s also very little telegraphing. By the time that you notice the ominous purple aura bubbling below your feet, you’re a couple of seconds from being splashed with toxic goo. Paras can also use Stun Spore to slow your character down, ensuring that they can follow up with even more attacks. Though they’re still an extremely weak Pokémon to defeat in battle, Legends players were shocked at how bold the Paras were in the Hisui region.

Even when you’re not trying to fill out your Paras entry in the Pokédex, these bugs are here to cause problems on purpose. Some trainers have been losing out on rare Pokémon when a Paras suddenly attacked them. These Pokémon are small, which makes them weirdly sneaky for a bug that also happens to be bright orange. When you’re trying to mine some rocks or harvest some berries, Paras is there. When you’re trying to sneak up on an Alpha Pokémon or even a shiny, Paras is also there. Paras is everywhere: omnipresent and omnipotent. Some players have even gone so far as to nurse a grudge.

Yes, there are other aggressive Pokémon out there. But at least the Carnivine is massive, and there aren’t that many mountains for Graveller to hide in. Paras are everywhere, and they’re not afraid to ruin your day.

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So be careful out there, and don’t let Paras catch you unawares.


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