Reddit Introduces TikTok And Instagram-Like Discover Tab

Reddit Introduces TikTok And Instagram-Like Discover Tab
Image: Reddit

In a bid to make Reddit more like the other Reddit-adjacent apps out there, the platform has added a ‘Discover Tab’. RIP the Reddit we all love.

Essentially, the Discover Tab is a new navigational tool that serves you up content on Reddit that you might want to engage with.

Isn’t that just the ‘Popular Tab’, I hear you ask?

Kind-of, except the Discover Tab is based on your individual activity, not just trending posts/posts that are getting a tonne of engagement. For example, if you follow 4 subs that are about a particular type of music, Reddit will show you posts in subreddits (sorry, communities) that are similar.

To access the Discover Tab, tap on the new compass icon on the bottom bar – to the right of the home button. At the top of Discover Tab, you can then filter the feed to a specific topic to find new content and subreddits.

Underneath the topic filters is the feed where content is shown.

If Reddit gets it wrong, you can provide feedback by selecting: ‘show me more of this content’, ‘show me less of that content’ and ‘hide that content’. I for one have wanted a ‘hide that content’ feature on Reddit’s Popular Tab for a long, long time.

The TikTokification has well and truly begun.

According to Reddit, the change was made because it was asked for.

“At Reddit, we’re always looking for ways to help people find more communities and make it easier to discover new content. Part of this is listening to feedback and acting on it to bring community, belonging and empowerment to everyone,” they said.

“Redditors told us they want an easier way to explore current and new interests, so today, we are rolling out our first new surface in nearly two years – the Discover Tab.”