Report: Ubisoft Employees Are Still Telling Their Bosses That NFTs Suck

Report: Ubisoft Employees Are Still Telling Their Bosses That NFTs Suck
Screenshot: Ubisoft

Ubisoft employees continue to push back on the company’s plans to utilise blockchain technology for, among other things, the distribution of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), according to a new Bloomberg report.

An announcement outlining Ubisoft’s blockchain strategy on its internal messageboard was reportedly inundated by hundreds of negative comments, with one pointed reaction saying it was a “deeply embarrassing day” to work for the French video game conglomerate.

This latest round of criticism follows a Kotaku report from December 2021 detailing similar responses to the reveal of Ubisoft Quartz, a largely maligned NFT platform that allows players to purchase exclusive, in-game items with the backing of the blockchain. Quartz supported only Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint at launch and has yet to expand to other games in Ubisoft’s portfolio, probably because no one gives a fuck about it.

But enough back story. I know you’re all here to witness Ubisoft workers dunking on their bosses, and boy, are there some doozies in Bloomberg’s report.

“Are we competing with EA for the ‘Most hated Game Studio by the public’ title?” wrote one Ubisoft employee. “Because this is how you do it.”

“I think the kids call this entire comment section ‘being ratioed,’” wrote another before pointing to Ubisoft’s ongoing issues with company culture. “Seriously, our confidence in management was already shaken by the handling of harassment cases, and now this?”

“You know what else makes a lot of money?” a third chimed in, reportedly unafraid of using their real name to criticise Ubisoft’s decision-making. “Making fun spectacular groundbreaking blockbusters. Why don’t we focus on that instead?”

Ubisoft leadership is understandably displeased with these comments being shared with the public.

It’s not clear what effect, if any, this internal pushback will have on Ubisoft’s flirtation with blockchain technology. Just two days ago, the developers of The Sandboxbasically a digital landlord simulator — announced a partnership with Ubisoft to introduce the Rabbids to the “metaverse.” Yes, the same Rabbids that went on an adventure with Super freaking Mario just a few years ago. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.



  • Ubisoft executive to employees “Why are you not cheering and excited that I will get a bonus for pushing this NFT stuff?”

    • I don’t think the blockchain executive is getting a bonus, Quartz only made $700 on revenue… and cost a fortune to set up and promote.

      He is being loud and angry to try and defend his position.

      One of the NFT Cryptobros, who created and promoted one of the most popular and selling NFTs to date… just went on record and said that once the gold rush ends, 98% of NFTs will be worth Zero.

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