Bethesda Is Shutting Down Its PC Game Launcher In May

Bethesda Is Shutting Down Its PC Game Launcher In May

Bethesda will be shutting down their PC game launcher this May.

According to an article on, the publisher and developer will be ‘sunsetting’ their Launcher on PC this May, which will only affect those who play their Bethesda games from the launcher. Sad news for a dedicated handful of people.

The post mentions that from early April, users will be able to begin the process of migrating their game library and wallet contents to Steam. This means that users won’t lose any games or money they have on the Launcher, but it will mean that they will need to use Steam to access their Bethesda games in future. However, some games will require manual transfers of save data with Bethesda stating, “you will still use your login to sign in to play.”

“We encourage our Launcher community to continue their experience on Steam. In early April, you will be able to migrate your library to your Steam account. Any title you own on the Launcher will be available to you free on Steam. Your purchases will carry over to your Steam account. Many game saves will also transfer, however some may require manual copying.”

Despite the closure of the launcher, the Skyrim rejuvenators have made it clear that accounts will still be supported, and you will still need an active account to access services such as game mods, in-game items, and access to exclusive news and updates. The company has also made it clear that they will only be supporting account transfers to Steam, so apologies to any Epic Games Store Baddies and GOG Galaxy Girls.

Bethesda has also posted a completely separate FAQ page for Fallout 76 and how the sunsetting of the launcher will affect the game. To keep it short and sweet, all the questions are essentially, “What about my thing? Will I still have this thing?”, to which Bethesda replies with, “Yes.” Any and all content and progress in Fallout 76 will be transferrable to Steam when the time comes to do so.

Rest in peace Launcher, I hardly knew ya.

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