Someone Already Modded Carby Into Mario Kart 8

Someone Already Modded Carby Into Mario Kart 8

The moment Kirby sucked up a car in the latest Nintendo Direct, things changed. The internet is now filled with countless memes starring Carby — the name of Kirby when they have a giant car in their mouth. So it’s not surprising that after only a few days, someone has brought Carby into Mario Kart 8 via modding.

The Carby mod was created by RiazorMC and posted to their YouTube channel and Twitter account yesterday. It quickly went viral. Folks were impressed by just how great the mod looks, especially considering the short amount of time RiazorMC had to create it and get it working.

It also helps that the creator uploaded the video with a banger music track. That always helps. (Also that song is now stuck in my head for the next few days.) As far as I can tell there is no currently listed link for downloading the mod yourself, but that doesn’t matter. We can all enjoy Carby driving around Mario Kart tracks via RiazorMC’s wonderful little video.

Checking out RiazorMC’s channel, it’s clear they are a talented Mario Kart modder, creating other cool stuff like adding a plane or Mario Galaxy power-ups into Mario Kart.

Meanwhile, Nintendo seems to have picked up on just how popular Kirby’s new Mouthful Mode forms and abilities have become. (They are also very fucked up, but in a good way.) To help give the sickos more of what they want, Nintendo has now released some Valentine’s Day cards via its official UK Twitter account. The cards come complete with some silly, terrible puns. Print them off and give them to your loved ones.

Maybe keep the Carby one for yourself? Nobody would judge you.

Kirby and The Forgotten Land (and his Carby mode) hits Nintendo Switch on March 25, 2022. It’s very odd, but for the first time in… well, forever, I’m excited to play a new Kirby game.


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