Sony Buys Bungie, Makers of Destiny 2 For $5.9B

Sony Buys Bungie, Makers of Destiny 2 For $5.9B
Image: Bungie

Sony has responded to Microsoft’s record-shattering deal to buy Activision Blizzard with acquisition news of its own, announcing today it plans to buy Destiny 2-maker Bungie for $US3.6 (A$5.9) billion.

Bungie will reportedly remain an “an independent subsidiary” of Sony Interactive Entertainment after the deal closes, leaving it free “to self-publish and reach players” however it chooses, according to Sony. That’s in contrast to past acquisitions by both Sony and Microsoft which have seen previously multiplatform studios like Bethesda go exclusive.


  • While it’s good that Sony are saying this will remain multi-platform, consolidation of game studios is not healthy for the industry… and I’m a Sony fan/owner. We are watching the corporatisation of gaming accelerate – and what’s worse IMO, it’s all pointing towards GaaS,

    • I have no doubt Destiny 2 will continue as is, with potential benefits to Sony, the fact that Bungie says they’ll stay multiplatform for future games makes me raise an eyebrow.. But then again they could be saying Playstation and PC.. I can’t see a future where Sony is happy with their owned studio throwing everything they make on Xbox.

      • Yeah it’s gonna be no different to Microsoft.
        Existing deals will be fine, Destiny is gonna get more exclusive content again which sucks if you play destiny after they finally moved away from that.
        Future games will no doubt not be coming to Xbox.
        Apparently their next game already has a deal with Netease but I could be wrong

  • And in a surprising turn, a lot of the folks who have been gloating about Activision/Blizzard and goading Sony in to responding have not taken this news well. Who would’ve thought…..

    Usually I’d enjoy the lol scroll but it’s hard to get excited about this.

  • Anyone who is thinking this is Sony’s ‘response’ to Microsoft (i.e. they organised this AFTER the Activision deal became public knowledge) needs to know how business works. You don’t organise a multi billion dollar deal in 2 weeks.

    This has been in the works for a while. Doesn’t mean the timing isn’t beneficial for those concerned about Sony’s future, but it isn’t a response.

    • It’s literally what we call a strategic response in business.
      There’s no way it’s was thrown together following the Activision/Blizzard news but undeniably a response begun after the Bethesda purchase, and with the announcement, a response to the former regardless.

      If the terms of the deal are to be believed though, purchases like these tend to be very streamlined compared to a traditional acquisition and mergers, most of the stuff that needs to be negotiated are already off the table.
      Again, it it’s to be believed.

    • Yeah i’ve heard that for years about every FPS that came out after Halo including Destiny 1 and 2 and guess what Halo is still going strong. Halo Infinite was awesome on Gamepass on pc. It won’t be long before Microsoft is making money off Sony fans when they bring gamepass to the playstation.

  • I wonder how much trouble was Bungie hiding. How distressed was their studio with only one IP keeping their studio afloat.

    To be a acquired by Activision, then cut loose, to only get acquired by another meha-corporation is an odd step.

    • They had been pushing more MTX as well and their next game is a way off. They’re also starting to get a TV show for Destiny. They must’ve been doing somewhat bad if they left both Microsoft and then Activision for independence but finally sell out again

  • As someone who hasnt touched bungie post reach, and wont unless they make single player games again.
    This is a meh for me.

  • After seeing Bungie’s recent behaviour with invalidating previously purchased content, I somehow think Sony leaving them carrying on as per normal isn’t a good thing.

  • I was already pretty bored with Destiny 2 but if this is gonna result in in-game content being exclusive to sony again im gonna drop d2 entirely.

  • This doesn’t bother me as Microsoft owns the Halo IP and Destiny 2 has become crap since all the updates. I don’t understand Sony’s reasoning behind this it would’ve made more sense for them to buy Capcom like the rumour said.

  • As much as i love Bungie, good luck recouping that investment with a one trick pony studio, Destiny is basically a 1-1 clone of their previous Halo games, even the enemies are just reskins of halo enemies.
    It seems strange that Bungie kept crying for independance again (first from Microsoft, then from Activision) but are quite willing to be sold to Sony – something is up there.

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