They Did The Thing

They Did The Thing
Contributor: Rob Bricken

Hey, remember in Spider-Man: No Way Home, when they did the Thing? Well, they did the Thing again in a clearer, more convenient form for all your Thing-based posting needs. But you’ll finally get a chance to own the first version of the Thing when No Way Home gets its home release next month.

The Thing is, of course, the live-action recreation of the Meme Hall-of-Famer “Spider-Men Pointing at Each Other” from the classic Spidey cartoon of the ‘60s. And, of course, if you’ve been living under multiple rocks for the past few months as No Way Home took in all the money at the box office, it’s briefly recreated in the film when Peter Parker (Tom Holland) runs across Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire), and the trio point at each other in surprise. Now, they’ve done it again, but in a much clearer, concise form for both Spider-enthusiasts and meme-lords:

Image: Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

Unsurprisingly, Holland ruins the effect a bit by grinning, and honestly, there should be a version where they’re all wearing their masks, the cowards. However, the image still works as a fine announcement that Spider-Man: No Way Home is web-slinging its way from theatres into your TVs in the near future. While details on the extras are light — well, it’s more exact to call the details “non-existent” — I’m crossing my fingers that it will include a mini-documentary on the near-constant lying Garfield did about his involvement in the movie, as well as some kind of investigation into which Spider-Man actor wore a fake butt while filming. (Holland is the one who claims he saw it, so the culprit is either Garfield or Maguire… unless that’s exactly what Holland wants us to think.)

All the real extras will likely be announced soon as Spider-Man: No Way Home becomes available on digital download on March 22. The Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD discs arrive three weeks later, on April 12.