Uncharted’s Fortnite Skins Are Impressive, But Also Way Too Smooth

Uncharted’s Fortnite Skins Are Impressive, But Also Way Too Smooth
Contributor: Justin Carter

Uncharted hits theatres this week, after many a delay and about a decade in development. Since it’s naturally a big blockbuster, and one based on a pretty popular franchise, that means it’s time for the requisite Fortnite crossover. Who’s ready for some character skins?

The cartoony battle royale is bringing series lead Nathan Drake and (sort of?) co-lead Chloe Frazier to its ever expanding roster. If you want to roll up into the battlefield as Tom Holland or Sophia Ali’s respective film versions of Drake and Chloe, you can do so. But there are also character skins for the game versions of the characters as well, albeit without the possibility of hearing Nolan North’s quippy voice going “oh, CRAP!” as he evades gunfire or Claudia Black snap off a witty one liner. Best of all, no matter which character skin you buy, you get the other as a bonus and can swap it out at any Locker. Surprisingly though, there’s no love for Drake’s BFF Sully, as either Mark Wahlberg from the film or the game’s version, voiced by Richard McGonagle.

Fortnite’s crossover skins have been pretty good at bringing characters from other universes to life, but admittedly, Uncharted’s character skins feel a little off. Maybe it’s the smoothness; Naughty Dog’s output over the last two console generations have all focused on humans who’ve had a disturbing amount of effort put into how much they look like real people. Seeing their features smoothed out in this new art style can’t help but feel strange by comparison.

Along with the skins, the Uncharted crossover features in-game items including an Updated Journal Emote, a seaplane glider, various pickaxes, and Drake’s Map. The latter will take you on a bit of a scavenger hunt to find the booty that the PlayStation treasure hunter left somewhere on the island for you to add to your inventory.

Dedicated Fortnite players found the clues leading to the crossover earlier in the week, and much quicker than Epic Games likely expected, as the trailer wasn’t publicly available when players figured out the website’s password. (It was ‘sicparvismagna,’ which any Uncharted player could figure out without much effort.)

The Uncharted skins will hit the Fortnite store on February 17, just a few hours before the film is in theatres. Look for our review of the movie on Tuesday.