Worms Studio Ditches NFT Scam After Only 24 Hours

Worms Studio Ditches NFT Scam After Only 24 Hours
Image: Metaworms

Yesterday Team17 — the studio behind the classic Worms series — announced it was getting into the NFT space, teaming up with a third party to release “collectible digital artwork based on one of the most beloved IPs in indie games”. A day later, that plan is in the bin.

The idea was for Team17 to licence the Worms brand to a company called Reality Gaming, who would dress the worms up in stupid outfits and sell them as NFTs, all the while calling it an “art project”.

Not only was the move criticised by fans and media alike, it also quickly affected Team17’s business operations, with Going Under developers Aggro Crab issuing a statement saying they would no longer be working with the publisher:

Yooka-Laylee’s Playtonic Games, who have also had previous games published with Team17, did much the same thing:

As did Ghost Town Games, the studio behind the wildly-popular Overcooked series:

Who knows how many further reservations were expressed behind closed doors, but here we are, only a day later, and Team17 just issued the following statement:


Team17 is today announcing an end to the MetaWorms NFT project. We have listened to our teamsters, development partners, and our games’ communities, and the concerns they’ve expressed, and have therefore taken the decision to step back from the NFT space.

Please know that all parties involved would have known there would be negative feedback from fans, it’s impossible to be operating in the space in 2022 and not see that coming. So any talk about coming to the decision only after listening to the “community’s” response is bullshit; it’s the blowback from “development partners” and even their own employees that brought about this backflip.

As John said yesterday, Team17 has been doing pretty well lately, so well in fact that they’ve spent almost $US200 ($278) million on acquisitions over the last year alone. They did not need to do this!


  • This again shows the level of executive incompetence, of failing to communicate ideas, do their due diligence, seek advice and do market research. The sheer ignorance of the potential backlash is astounding.

    Like seriously, an unknown company that is less than a year old turns up on your door step promising you millions and you don’t do a Google search on the pros and cons is astoundingly stooped.

  • No, no, no. Gamers and developers just don’t get what a digital secondary market can do for them. You really only believe it’s environmental destruction and a tool for speculation but that’s just crazy. They’re actually empowering you, the player, with the ability to resell your items after you’re done with them.

    And other Ubisoft gaslighting drivel.

      • No he isn’t… he is being sarcastic.

        hence the “gaslighting” line at the end. Still waiting to hear the Ubisoft bitcoin executive getting fired sooner rather than later, he us a PR disaster for Ubisoft with his interviews and posts attacking consumers.

  • Splendid work. We gotta keep up the pressure on companies to keep this money laundering shit out of video games.

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