Baby’s First Switch: Please Give Me Your Animal Crossing Tips

Baby’s First Switch: Please Give Me Your Animal Crossing Tips
Image: Animal Crossing

Hello and welcome back to Baby’s First Switch (we finally have a name, courtesy of the incredible Ruby Innes herself), where I ask for your help, support, love and guidance and you, hopefully, provide your wisdom. After asking for all your tips and suggestions in the last article, I have finally decided on a game: Animal Crossing New Horizons.

You all gave me such incredible advice and tips (thank you so much by the way) and I think that for my skill level, Animal Crossing is the best way to ease my way into gaming.

Also, me buying Animal Crossing was a spur of the moment sort of thing because I was in desperate need of a brain empty, good vibes sort of game so I went and impulse bought it.

With that motivation it feels natural that it will be the first game in the series.

Side note: the server at EB Games could very much tell that I am new to gaming because he immediately told me not to buy the expansion pack because he “could tell I’m not a gamer.” Rude, not wrong, but rude.

Moving on.

Thanks to all of you, I now have a very long list of games I’m very keen to check out and play with you all in the future.

This brings me to the purpose of this article, I am once again asking for your help but this time specifically for Animal Crossing. 

What are some things you wish you knew about Animal Crossing as you were starting out? What are some pearls of wisdom you can impart onto me? Is there anything I should do to make my gaming experience better?

Initial thoughts of Animal Crossing

I’ve played Animal Crossing for maybe about a week now and my initial thoughts of the game are that I am obsessed with it. I love the cute world and the sweet little trees and bugs that I get to collect.

Something else I really enjoy about the game is that it allows you to take a step away from the chaotic world we live in and just chill out for a minute. The graphics are beautifully wholesome and I adore the sunsets.

I think the biggest question about playing Animal Crossing is: Should I trust Tom Nook? There’s something about him that I don’t trust. Why does he want all my donations? I didn’t believe he will hold onto them while we wait for Blathers.

Turns out he did hold onto them but I don’t know. He seems shady to me. Maybe I just have issues trusting men in authority.

A note that I have at the moment is that at certain times I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing so I just kind of wandered around the island. I feel like I want a little bit more going on that I can interact with instead of just having to wait for Blathers or collect objects for his museum.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the chill and calm vibes of having to slowly build up your island but I want more. No, I need more. But this is where you all come in.

I need your help

Baby’s First Switch: Please Give Me Your Animal Crossing Tips
Image: Kotaku Australia

So, my beautiful Kotaku Australia gamers, what are the best tips you can give me when playing Animal Crossing?.

I want to know how to get bells quickly and work off these god damn Nook miles so I can pay off my debts to the suspicious creature whomst I’m expected to trust.

But what should I do to build up my island more efficiently? I want to have the best tent in the world yet all I have is a bed and lamp (sad), so I would love some advice in that regard.

Your tips and suggestions will help write my Animal Crossing how-to guide later on so we can help other gamers who might be starting out like me. For that to happen, you need to give me all the best (or any) tips you can, even if you think it’s silly.

I would also love to hear your experiences with the game and how it made you feel playing it. I want us to start a wholesome Animal Crossing family where we can visit each others’ islands and become besties.

If you want to give me some other gaming suggestions or tips, give us a shout on Twitter (@kystewart_) or chuck us an email.


  • Animal Crossing is a game that’s designed to play slowly, so it will take time to do things like build and furnish your house, pay off debts, get new buildings on your island etc. A lot of people like to “time travel” (ie put forward the date/time in the settings on your Switch), but I think it’s better to enjoy the game at the pace it’s set at.

    Having friends and visiting their islands is fun and also helps with things like finding new fruits, buying stuff from their shops (which will be different to your shops), trading stuff, selling turnips at different prices and meeting different characters. If you really want to get deep into it, there’s a lot of websites where people share their Dodo codes and set up trades for all sorts of things.

    The best way to make lots of bells is via the Stalk Market. Buy turnips on Sunday and then try to sell them at the Nookling’s shop for a higher price during the week. The price changes twice a day (at the shop’s opening time, and then again at 12pm). You can also sell your turnips at your friend’s islands. This is another thing you can get really deep into – there are websites that help you predict when you’re going to get the best price, and there are also website were you can find people who have really good turnip prices on their island so that you can maximise your prophet.

    I haven’t played Animal Crossing in a while, and this post is making me want to dust off my island again!

    • I have definitely come to learn I need to take my time with this game, yay for patience! Absolutely love your tip about visiting the Stalk Market, such a great and easy way to get bells. I think you should dust off your island again!!

  • Hoo boy. The guy at EBGames should have kept his nose out. Personally, I would say after you’ve feel you’ve explored the game fully, try grabbing the DLC. the DLC is based on making houses for your clients. It’s a different feel to Animal crossing vanilla, but it will add someone of substance, if you don’t mind the $30 price tag.

    Best way to get bells early on is to find the glowing spot on your island. You dig that up and you’ll be left with a golden hole. If you put bells in the hole, a money tree will grow. So for example, if you place 1000 bells in the hole, then the tree will have three bags of 1000 bells. The maximum amount that the tree can produce is 10,000 bells.

    Another good tactic is to get an orchard early. Your island will have a native fruit and a native flower. Foreign fruit and flowers sell for higher prices. You can go to friends islands, or use nook miles tickets to go to another island. I believe your in game mum also sends you a fruit after you’ve been playing for a while. I think it’s always a foreign fruit. If you bury it instead of selling it, you’ll have more. Flowers are complex and they don’t sell for as much as fruit.

    Spend the day foraging. It’s tedious, but also relaxing. Grab all the shells (you can make furniture from these, but they’re always available.), get all the bugs and catch all the fish. In summer, the shells will turn into summer shells, but they are only available in, surprise, summer. One of the best fish to catch is the one that spawns at river mouths. It’s worth a decent amount. The best bugs to catch are the Tarantula/scorpions. These are random spawn and which you get depends on what time of year it is. Don’t be scared of them. They can attack you and knock you out, but watch the bug as you approach, they’ll show a warning. Wait for them to calm down and move forward a bit. It’s slow, but worth it.
    Also, keep a net out when you shake trees to catch wasps when they fall. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t happen to catch them. You can get medicine.

    Lastly, have an idea of where you want things to be on your island. Do you want your house away from everyone else’s? Where will the shops go? Orchard? I found it the easiest way. I wish you the best of luck o/

    • To be fair, the EB Games guy wasn’t wrong but anywho, as you said maybe I’ll try getting the expansion pack in a month or so when I’ve developed my island a bit better. Also, I had no idea what those glowing things were and then reading your tip about digging them to find bells was a lifesaver, so thank you for that! I love the fact I can grow a money tree, I wish that happened in real life. I’m really loving the chill vibes of just going around collecting things. Haven’t yet caught a Tarantula or scorpion but I’m almost certain I’ll still scream.

  • Tom Nook is on your side, but Redd the Fox most definitely isn’t. When he rocks up to sell you artworks later in the game, makes sure you’re on point with your classical artworks so you can spot the fakes (or just use a guide, no shame in that either) or they won’t be added to the museum’s collection and waste your money.

    The most consistent way to make money while being a newbie with no money is fishing. They constantly respawn and have a huge amount of varying value. Fishing in summer in particular is great if you want lots of sharks and the bigger fishies that sell for big bells. Every season has at least one or two high value fishies and the the bigger the shadow, usually the bigger and more valuable the fish. Fishies near the river mouth usually tend to go for a lot too. You can do the same with bugs! Make sure you only sell doubles of your fishes and bugs and the originals go to the museum when it’s open.

    Plunder the beach of shells every day and sell those.

    Use your Nookmile tickets to explore other islands and dig up their fruit trees and plant them back on your island. Non-native fruits will sell for more on your island than your native tree. You can travel to your friends islands in other hemispheres and seasons to make use of their fruit and fish/bugs too! The more objectives you pump out through, the more Nookmiles and the more islands you can hop to!

    You can convert base items into crafted items once you have the recipes and sell those for more too, but you’ll have to check guides for that. As you make more money from these basic things, you’ll have enough bells to play the Stalk Market and try your hands at Animal Crossing stocks.

    As for the EB Games guys, that advice is lousy. The DLC for Animal Crossing is good fun and is basically an entirely different addon game mode to the base game. If you really enjoy Sims style customisation, feel free to buy it off the Switch store to pimp your houses more appropriately.

    Most importantly, take your time! Animal Crossing is a game designed for maybe an hour or two a day and there’s no need to rush. The more you grind it the less relaxing the game becomes, so don’t kill the game by running screaming at it.

    • Hmmm okay Louie I trust you so I suppose I’ll trust Tom Nook too, although my eye is still on him. I haven’t come across Redd the Foxx yet but I will absolutely be looking out for his fraudulent ways, so thank you for that. Your tips about fishing and shells have helped me out wonderfully. I didn’t know I could sell the fish either so that’s fun. I was just palming them off to Blathers. I do want to pimp my house so maybe I’ll check out the DLC. And yes, I have learnt to not scream at the game and take my time. Patience is a virtue and all that…

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