Aussie Creator TiametMarduk Getting Personalised Loot In F1 2021

Aussie Creator TiametMarduk Getting Personalised Loot In F1 2021

Ben “TiametMarduk” Daly is a familiar face in the Formula 1 sim racing community. One of the most well-known F1 2021 streamers, the Aussie is known for his lengthy video series documenting his journey through the game’s career mode. So prominent is he that his likeness was added to the game last year, a garage stand-in for any team that might need him. Daly recently had the PC version of the game modded to let him use that likeness as his own in-game avatar (with mixed success).

Codemasters has now done him one better, including a set of Daly’s own race gear in this season’s Podium Pass. Playing through the season will reward you with a TMDK branded helmet, racing, gloves, boots, and car livery. The livery is notably different to the custom paint job Daly uses in his videos but still looks quite cool. The Podium Pass is the F1 2021 equivalent of a Battle Pass, rewarding players with loot as they play and level up.

Since moving to the UK in 2019, Daly has found himself much closer to the sport he loves. When not on YouTube, he works as an ambassador for the McLaren Shadow F1 esports team via Veloce Esports.

Though he uploads other F1 2021 content, Daly’s most popular videos are his MyTeam Career anthologies. Daly plays through the campaign across the year, with the AI set to 110% lifelike difficulty and full simulation damage. As each in-game year unfolds, Daly attempts to rack up as many championships as possible before the next game in the series launches. 2021 has proven as dramatic in-game as it with in real life. Daly has endured crashes, part failures, a season that began with so much engine trouble it appeared all but doomed, and the return of an F1 legend. Daly’s excitable commentary, learned from years of watching the sport, heightens the drama of each race.

The Season 5 Podium Pass is out now.

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