Humble Games Announces Coral Island, The Farming Sim I’ve Always Wanted

Humble Games Announces Coral Island, The Farming Sim I’ve Always Wanted

Yes, Coral Island is another wholesome farming simulator with romance options. Yes, I am very excited about it. What are you going to do about it? Fight me?

The Humble Games showcase had a lot of juicy content to show off, like the Melbourne-made role-playing musical Stray GodsOf course, as somebody that’s always foaming at the mouth for the next farming sim where I can get a wife, the news is that Stairway Games would be buddying up with Humble Games for their new title Coral Island was music to my ears.

Coral Island is, as described by the developer Stairway Games, a “vibrant and laid-back reimagining of farm sim games“. The game has the Harvest Moon-esque farming sim basics: build a farm, meet the love of your life, and explore the land. The game also allows for character customisation, which is always a big win in my eyes. You can check out the announcement trailer video below.

It’s probably pretty obvious to most people interested in games like this, but the success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Stardew Valley paved the way for more and more great farming life simulators to come out of the woodworks. While some have been a little disappointing and others have been an obvious cash grab, it’s games like Coral Island that make me happy about this trend.

Similarly to Summer in Mara, Coral Island is set on an island. A big part of this game that sets it apart is in the name, coral. As well as farming on land, you have to head to the oceans and restore the beautiful coral reef lying below it. If you’re going to make a farming sim, it’s always good to have something that sets it apart.

The 2D art style of the character portraits is very reminiscent of Disney, which can be done well with care. The gameplay art style, on the other hand, is smooth yet detailed. The game looks good as hell, and my body is ready for it.

Coral Island is planned for a 2022 release, and you can wishlist it on Steam now.


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