Crunchyroll Expo Is Coming To Australia This Year

Crunchyroll Expo Is Coming To Australia This Year
Image: Crunchyroll

You know what? I’ve been thinking it’s about time we had another anime convention in Australia. Luckily, Crunchyroll has… er… rolled in… to save the day!

Last night, Crunchyroll announced that the Crunchyroll Expo would be making it’s way to Australia in 2022. While previously only virtually being held in California, the anime-streaming giant has decided to bring their two-day celebration of anime and Japanese pop culture to Melbourne.

The convention will include appearances by anime voice actors and other industry professionals, as well as special screenings, cosplay competitions, live musical performances, gaming, manga, art, official merchandise, and a whole lot more.

As part of the announcement, Chief Marketing Officer at Crunchyroll Gita Rebbapragada had this to say:

“We are thrilled to add another Crunchyroll Expo to our events lineup and celebrate with our fans in Melbourne. The appetite for anime in Australia is exploding, and we are excited to create a space where current and future fans can connect, all with the Down Under flavour our passionate local team is thoughtfully designing specifically for fans in that region.”

According to a press release, the decision to hold Crunchyroll Expo in Australia “comes as part of Crunchyroll’s commitment to provide fans with a deeper experience with their favourite series, following the recent unification of Funimation Global Group brands under the Crunchyroll banner.” It looks like Funimation’s adoption of Crunchyroll has been a significant factor in their ability to bring the convention to Melbourne.

While not much else has been disclosed regarding the event, we know that it will be held on September 17-18 this year at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre and that over the course of time, more information regarding guests, panels, and convention events will gradually be rolled out via their social channels as well as their official website.


  • Not sure what crunchyroll expo has actually been like in America.
    But from emails received, this is essentially a re-branding of Madman Anime Festival thats been happening here for years, apparently still run by the creators of the Madman version.
    So if they maintain the high quality of those then im happy as larry. Both Melbourne and Sydney versions of that have been fantastic.

    As long as we dont get the omega variant as told in the prophecies, that destroys us all, ill be keen as to visit the first one of this in melbourne this year.

    • Thats the impression I got from the announcement email as well. It was severely light on details regarding… well… anything, so I’d have to see a guest list before deciding if I want to cross state lines to attend.

      What would be enough to get me over would be if the japanese guests that had to cancel on last Anime Expo due to the Japanese travel ban were able to attend this one. The main reason I’d gone to the last Anime Expo was that one of the Neptunia VAs was meant to be there but couldn’t in the end.

  • Joy… Sony’s “mergers are official, time to severely slash local service and rename it to save on ink” approach has even spread to the conventions. So much for the Brissie event in May.

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