Devs Announce NFT Plans For Popular Game, Get Review Bombed On Steam

Devs Announce NFT Plans For Popular Game, Get Review Bombed On Steam
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Storybook Brawl is a popular free-to-play card game on Steam. It has a fairly large and active playerbase who enjoy the game a lot. And now almost all of them seem angry and are review bombing the game’s Steam page after the devs behind Storybook Brawl announced plans to integrate NFTs and blockchain technology into it.

On March 22, Good Luck Games, the company behind Storybook Brawl, announced that the studio had been acquired by FTX US. For those who aren’t aware, FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange that started in 2019 in the Bahamas and has since expanded across the globe. It’s also recently been investing heavily into creating a gaming division, launching FTX Gaming last year because it “sees games as an exciting use case for crypto.”

In the announcement from Good Luck Games, the company shared vague plans about incorporating NFT and blockchain tech into Storybook Brawl. According to the studio, it also promises it will make sure that the integration is “ethical” and makes the game “better for players” while making sure the “fun comes first.” (Huh, vague promises and nonspecific plans are always a part of these NFT/blockchain announcements. Weird!)

Screenshot: Good Luck Games / FTXScreenshot: Good Luck Games / FTX

If you’ve been paying attention to NFT news on Kotaku and other sites over the last 12 months or so you can probably guess what happened next. (I mean, the headline gives it away too…)

Players responded to the news with near-universal negativity. Over on the game’s Steam page, you can see a huge increase in recent, negative reviews. The game now sports an “Overwhelmingly Negative” review status as result.

As spotted by Eurogamer, reportedly one of the devs mentioned in the game’s Discord server that it was looking at non-cosmetic options for NFTs, too. Which further angered the community.

Kotaku has contacted Good Luck Games about its NFT plans.

This is far from the first time we’ve seen this song and dance play out. Over the last year or so we’ve seen multiple examples of game companies announcing NFT plans and then immediately receiving backlash from players and other game devs.

Many consider the tech a giant scam, filled with grifters and con artists looking to make a quick buck before the bubble bursts. There are also problems with how blockchain technology can lead to more e-waste as well as accelerate global warming, waste electricity and make it harder for folks to find and buy specific computer parts, like GPUs.



    • The interest is apparently on the downward trend atm

      We could see a crash in the future, and it will be glorious.

      • A lot of groups are in the denial stage at the moment, which unsurprisingly has been the last several stages already.

  • You vastly overstate the popularity of Storybook Brawl. SteamCharts has the game at around 850 concurrent players, which is half what it was just six months ago.

    Compare this to Super Auto Pets, which is running 3265 average players, or DOTA Underlords with 2307, and it’s pretty clear that the game is a very small and shrinking fish in a big autobattler pond.

    Further, the game is a completely forgettable, near 100% rip-off of Hearthstone Battlegrounds. Like, a virtual 1:1 copy except for the artwork and subbing out taunts for a less interesting 2 row front and back positioning.

    About the only thing the game has going for it is that the art is cute, although even there far too little effort has gone into distinguishing the cards – try picking out one of four different pinkish princess characters when your turn timer is counting down the last few seconds of a round.

    Seriously, the game was a failed effort to reskin Battlegrounds and bring it onto Steam. Adding NFTs is just a last gasp at a bit of cheap publicity to keep the game alive a touch longer before it inevitably dies a natural death.

  • They don’t explain the real benefits to the technology. By now it should be expected to receive backlash when you throw around crypto buzzwords.

    The second you put NFTs in your announcement, you got review bombed. Gamers aren’t convinced, they need to know why this is nothing more than a cash grab. So tell them why.

    • This bothers me the most. It’s an exciting use case for crypto apparently. How is it? How does it enhance the players enjoyment of the game? They can’t answer because it doesn’t. It’s just another way to reach into players wallets.

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