Elden Ring Patches Out Spiral Of Death Exploit That Bricked Saves

Elden Ring Patches Out Spiral Of Death Exploit That Bricked Saves

Elden Ring players have discovered no shortage of ways to grief one another in PVP, but one exploit on PC was especially dastardly. It allowed players to trap opponents in an endless death loop that would effectively ruin their save files. Not good! Fortunately, developer FromSoftware finally addressed the bug in a small update to the game that went live earlier today.

“Fixed a bug in multiplayer that allowed players to teleport others to incorrect map coordinates,” reads one of the notes in the mini-1.03.2 patch. Bandai Namco didn’t elaborate on how the bug worked, whether players who abused it would be banned, or what would happen to players it was already used on. The publisher didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

A PSA from an Elden Ring news account warning players about the exploit blew up on Twitter last week on March 18. “There’s an exploit going around on PC where hackers will corrupt your save file while you’re invaded,” it read. “First they will crash your game, and when you open it back up, your character will be constantly falling to their death…”

The exploit involved teleporting unsuspecting players to out-of-bounds parts of the map where they would die within a few seconds. Loading the game back up resulted in the same thing. It wasn’t clear how players were doing it or how widespread the issue was, but more than a few people affected by the exploit shared footage of their predicament online.

They also shared potential workarounds, one of which involved pressing Alt and F4 to immediately close the game, buying some extra time after it was reopened for players to open up the map and try to fast-travel out of the loop. It’s not clear if that worked for every player affected though, or if today’s patch will help those who have already fallen victim to the Elden Ring “prank.”

In the month since it was released, Elden Ring has already received two major updates and sold over 12 million copies. More importantly, players continue to find all kinds of wild stuff buried in its haunting and occasionally broken open world, including how to make your horse fly by first killing it.

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