Elden Ring’s Horse Can Sometimes Fly (After Falling To Its Death First)

Elden Ring’s Horse Can Sometimes Fly (After Falling To Its Death First)

For every exploit and glitch FromSoftware try and patch out of Elden Ring, you can rest assured that nosy players — especially those with an interest in speedrunning — will discover fresh ones.

Example: this trick (via GamesRadar) that is slowly spreading through the game’s community, which shows that in certain places, under certain circumstances, you can make Torrent trot straight off the ground and fly like a magical, wingless pegasus.

To do it, as is explained in this video by EZScape, you need to first be riding Torrent uphill in a very specific place and dismount when you’re just above the “death plane”, which is the point at which a falling death is triggered. When you jump off — sending Torrent to their death, sorry — you then need land and try summoning your steed once more, costing you a flask of crimson tears.

Only that won’t actually do anything, so you need to summon them again, and on the second whistle Torrent will be back. Only now their weird goat-like legs have the power of flight.

If you want to try it out yourself, the two spots this glitch has been found to be working so far are in the video above, the first one in the Bestial Sanctum, and second on a ledge just outside Volcano Manor.

Note however that this is very hard to pull off, as you need to be riding uphill in a very specific place, be close enough to the death plane for Torrent to fall into it, then be close enough to a ledge to then stick your dismount landing. Which looks easy in the videos, but is actually damn tricky.

Given the complexity of the exploit and the size of the game, folks are still working through this one, so I’m sure it won’t be long until more locations where you can trigger a flying Torrent will be discovered.


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