Game Boy Colour Becomes A Frankenstein’s Monster Of Unnecessary Accessories

Game Boy Colour Becomes A Frankenstein’s Monster Of Unnecessary Accessories

A video making its way around the internet shows just how many attachments can be connected to a single Game Boy Colour at one time.

The resulting monstrosity, brought screaming into this world by retro content creator Unpacked Nostalgia, garnered most of its attention over the last 24 hours via reuploads on Reddit and Twitter. Users there have labelled the burdened handheld “Game Man” and “Full Armour Game Boy,” the latter being a possible reference to a similarly stacked mobile suit from the Gundam franchise.

Let’s break down what we’re seeing here:

First, the mad scientist behind the camera attaches a peripheral that gives the Game Boy Colour a new D-pad and buttons.

Then comes what appears to be a combination grip and battery pack (Unpacked Nostalgia later powers the handheld through this device).

Of course, with an original display of just 44×40 millimetres, you can’t forget the magnifying glass.

The next piece of hardware was a little difficult to place, but I’m pretty sure it’s a Rumbapack, which doubles as both amplifier and, well, rumble pack.

And what would old-school gaming be without Game Genie, an unofficial cheating device that works as an intermediary between cartridge and console to modify game data.

Finally, Unpacked Nostalgia adds what is arguably the only useful attachment in the whole video: a simple light to make up for the console’s lack of a backlit screen.

Unlike the mech suits created for its predecessor, the Game Boy Colour really had to go through a whole armour of god situation to put on the same level of bulk. I’ll admit to feeling a little bad for the handheld in the above video. But if nothing else, it serves as a great bit of ASMR for those of us who grew up in the days of roughly crunching cartridges into hardware.



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