GTA Trilogy Gets A Fat List Of Patch Notes

GTA Trilogy Gets A Fat List Of Patch Notes
Image: Rockstar Games

Looks like some of the stink visuals and goofy glitches of the GTA Trilogy are finally being addressed.

Upon release, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition was dunked on relentlessly for many graphical misfires (to be fair, some parts of the game looked great) as well as a bounty of bugs here and there, with many players feeling like the game was ‘unfinished‘.

Now, it looks like Rockstar has taken a look at its woebegone trilogy and thought, ‘Ah yes. We have some more work to do.’ A nice, chunky list of patch notes was posted to the Rockstar Support page earlier today.

Generally, it looks like all three games will see improvements to game performance. Fixes to collision issues and textures are also on the docket. These notes could really apply to any issues present in the GTA Trilogy. The notes proceed to go into the specific fixes for each of the three games, with great attention to detail.

A good amount of the noted fixes in each game relate to texture fixes, and mention specifics such as ‘details on the Triad Fish Van’ in GTA 3, ‘wall textures at the Colon Hotel’ in GTA: Vice City, and the ‘High Fade haircut’ in GTA: San Andreas. There are also a few platform-specific fixes, especially issues faced by users on PC and Xbox.

There are also plenty of mission bug fixes. For those who have been suffering through the GTA Trilogy in its uneven pre-patch state, this update should come as a significant relief.

If you’d like to see the list for yourself, you can check it out here. Take it all in, because there’s a lot. Here’s hoping we see a tidier game from it!


    • On the Switch at least, it’s pretty good. Runs at a mostly solid 30 with a significantly better draw distance, and the resolution seems to have been bumped in handheld, with the shitty anti-aliasing gone as well. This plus the removal of a lot of the glitches have put it in a pretty solid state.

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