Here Are Winners Of Our SteelSeries X Horizon Forbidden West Giveaway

Here Are Winners Of Our SteelSeries X Horizon Forbidden West Giveaway

You may remember a short time ago, we ran a little competition here on Kotaku Australia. We partnered up with our mates at SteelSeries to give away a ripper Horizon: Forbidden West pack, including a set of speccy new Arctis 7X Wireless headphones. We asked all of you to badly describe the plot of Horizon: Zero Dawn for us, in 100 words or less.

God help us, you lot are a funny bunch. We had a massive number of entries for this competition. So much so that it took us a couple of days to trawl through them all, whittling them down to our favourites. We had a couple of people reach out about when we’d announce the result, and we apologise for making you wait.

Without further ado, the winners are:

Simon Lewis

Amy Motherwell

Kai Hansen

Congratulations guys, and thank you for getting involved. We hope you love the gear! All three winners have been contacted and their prizes are en route via courier strider as we speak.

We ultimately selected Amy, Kai, and Simon’s entries for how succinctly they were able to sum the experience up. We gave you 100 words. These legends barely needed 30. Obviously, spoilers ahead if you’ve never played Horizon: Zero Dawn before.

Amy pretty cleanly struck the nail on the head: “It’s about a girl who needs an account, is working on world peace and could also with a mechanics degree.”

Kai took the direct approach: “Strong, independent woman rides a bunch of electronic toys with varying levels of success.”

According to Simon, HZD breaks down to: “Ginger jesus looks for her mum, fights off the Greek God of the underworld and battles robot dinosaurs only to find that she was her mother all along.”

Congratulations to all three winners. We’ll follow up soon with a piece showcasing more of our favourite entries from this competition.

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