Of Course Hideo Kojima’s Favourite Batman Take Is The Lego Batman Movie

Of Course Hideo Kojima’s Favourite Batman Take Is The Lego Batman Movie

Hideo Kojima’s favourite Batman movie is The Lego Batman Movie, at least according to a post the famous game designer put up on Twitter.

In the light of seeing The Batman, Kojima took to Twitter to talk about some Batman-related things. He brought up some pretty interesting observations around the film, but ultimately the most notable thing he said was that The Lego Batman Movie was his favourite film starring the caped crusader.

Okay, this is maybe a joke, not sure, but it could very much turn out not to be that, hell, nobody can control Kojima. I’m not going to stand in his way and say that a grown adult can’t love a genuinely very funny movie.

The replies, as you can expect, were all too happy to celebrate Hideo Kojima and his Batman film of choice.

I didn’t realise the love for The Lego Batman Movie was so intense, but replies to Kojima’s Tweet would indicate that the film does have its fans.

If you’re unaware, The Lego Batman Movie was meant to be an all-ages comedy, lending a lighter, funnier tone to the nighttime-loving superhero. It ended up being quite a nice spinoff to Batman… sorry, I lie, it was really a spinoff to The Lego Moviewhile poking some fun at the live-action Batman movies.

Anyway, while Kojima was happy to share that his favourite Bat film is The Lego Batman Movie, he also shared some interesting thoughts on The Batman, the latest flick starring Robert Pattinson and directed by Matt Reeves.

“THE BATMAN, a bat film that examines maskedness in the age of social networking. The mask is worn to hide the true identity. Both heroes and villains wear masks to hide their everyday lives and bring out their different personalities,” Kojima wrote.

“That guy! And. This time, however, both Batman and the Riddler are different. The mask is more of an icon to spread the word to the masses, just as social networking sites and youtubers use anonymity to create buzz.

“I knew it, but I liked our own Robert Pattinson’s Batman. The Frankenstein-esque stature, the fact that he doesn’t look rich or happy, and most of all, his loneliness. Zoe Kravitz’s cat was also good. I think only the bat and the cat’s rapid romance were buoyant.”

Kojima is a gaming industry veteran and is heralded as one of the greatest forces in the stealth-action genre, with his name behind the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Kojima also developed Death Stranding, a game that received much love and criticism from all over the entertainment world. As much as Batman is an icon of the comic world, Solid Snake (of Metal Gear Solid) is an icon of gaming, as is Hideo Kojima. As much as the man loves a serious story, he also seems to love a bit of lightheartedness.


Elsewhere, on Twitter, user @samuel_mcqueen predicted that we’ll have a new reboot every 15 microseconds by 2050.


Anyway, don’t let Kojima’s love for Batman distract you from his apparent love for The Lego Batman Movie.

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