Hideo Kojima Receives One Of Japan’s Most Prestigious Media Awards, As He Should

Hideo Kojima Receives One Of Japan’s Most Prestigious Media Awards, As He Should
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Hideo Kojima has been awarded the annual Japanese Minister’s Award for Fine Arts, which is one of Japan’s most prestigious awards. The awards are given to a variety of different categories, with Kojima being awarded in the Media Arts category.

The Media Arts category has only been around since 2008, with the prestigious Award for Fine Arts being given by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan since 1950. Since its launch, only one other member of the games industry has received this award: Shigeru Miyamoto in 2010.

Kojima’s award comes after the release of Death Stranding: Director’s Cut last year, which was ‘highly acclaimed by the selection committee members’, according to a past press release.

While announced last week, it was today that Kojima got to accept the award at the ceremony, scrubbing up in some lovely anti-war accessories and looking very fancy.

Considering Kojima is a household name when it comes to the gaming industry, it’s only right that the man gets recognition of this level. We love to see a boyboss winning, and we stan this king.

In other Hideo Kojima news, it turns out that the Metal Gear Solid creator has a very interesting take on the ‘What’s your favourite Batman movie?’ discussion. Kojima bravely came out of the woodworks to state that his favourite Batman movie is actually The Lego Batman Movie. To some, it could be a hot take. But really? The Lego Batman Movie fucking rules.


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